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The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago


The Department of Justice on Friday announced it has dropped its criminal investigation of Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. His lawyers made the announcement on Friday morning.

McCabe’s attorneys also said the case was closed.

cilantro -1 points ago *


These concern troll posts are so low energy.

We have no idea how many FBI investigations are underway because they aren't made public. Huber didn't have any power to make indictments and we won't know what's happening until the Durham criminal investigation makes it's indictments public.

Yesterday, shills flooded this site with posts calling for violence against liberals.

The day before we were flooded with racist posts against Yang in an attempt to dissuade Yang supporters from boarding the Trump Train.

And today's concern troll narrative is that AG Barr is the enemy and we're all doomed. DOOOOOOOOOOMED!

I can't wait to see what desperate bullshit the shills will try tomorrow?

I hope Soros is paying a fortune for all these shills to impotently bash their heads against the wall.

The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago *

Separate from any bullshit about concern troll or not, where I am from, -- it is either put up or shut up. Long past time that Barr put up!

I am not talking about violence, nor I am saying we are doomed. That is all yours and all FAKE NEWS.

In the meantime, know that I will defend your right to your very own opinion.

cilantro -1 points ago *

it is either put up or shut up.

Yet you have almost no idea about what is happening until we get the Durham criminal investigation indictments.

You only know what our seditious fake news media is feeding you and you're gobbling it up with a spoon.

What is AG Barr planning? How many indictments has Durham already created? What is being discussed during the daily Presidential briefings? How many ongoing FBI investigations are there? You have ZERO idea, yet you scream and cry that the sky is falling.

You should have more faith in President Trump instead of working with the concern trolls to push the fake news narrative that AG Barr is the enemy.

If you agree with today's concern troll narrative then you should consider becoming a paid shill. I mean, why just give it away when you can get paid to suck Soros' cock?

The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago *

You are full of shit pal. I say that because all you do is attack because I posted something current about GOD Barr. Is Barr GOD? To you he may be, to me he is NOT.

Do you even know or have you read about the Iran Contra matter? Are you aware of Barr's past history. So who's screaming? Who is crying like a sad little bitch? No, the sky is not falling, and if it were I would not scream, plenty of other better things to do.

I hope you are right, NO I do not know everything, but apparently you and only you, know everything, congratulations. All I want is to have some justice result per all this criminality.

BTW, did Barr appoint you or are you the self-appointed defender against all the paid-shills on this site? No response required.

cilantro -1 points ago

BTW, did Barr appoint you or are you the self-appointed defender against all the paid-shills on this site?

Yes he did.

The_Sentinel [S] 0 points ago

Oh, so you are getting paid, or at least I hope so. What were you just saying about sucking Soro's cock? Does he even have one?

I am officially rescinding that order from Barr. What are your qualifications? You are clearly far more interested in practicing idol worship, never mind looking at the action on the ground.

Good luck with all the censure you try to practice. You are gonna have to improve your game in a big way.

cilantro -3 points ago

Yes, AG Bill Barr pays me in rainbows and glitter.

Have you ever eaten glitter? It's delicious and my stools look like a disco party!

The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago *

LMAO! Sure, whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

... continue reading thread?
mossomo 0 points ago

Go fuck yourself