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DangleBarry 3 points ago

How many Bernie Bros would even get the reference?

BowelSharpton [S] 2 points ago (edited)

The DummyCrat/socialist Mantra - keep them IGNORANT of commie history - the GENOCIDES, the forced-starvation, the GULAGS, the thought crimes, turning on your neighbors, degradation of self-esteem/quality of output when the playing field is forcibly leveled (gee like our Title IX college campuses/the BOYS who want to run with the GIRLS, etc). Gawd these people are friggin ZOMBIES thinking "Well it just hasn't been tried CORRECTLY, f*ck all the other historical examples from the inception of Fredric Engels/Karl Marx days!!!"). I just watched an excellent recent film regarding one of MANY of Stalin's HORRORS - the intentional starvation of those in the Ukrainian countryside (the kulaks, the forced collectivization of farms with ALL grain being shipped back to the cities; the CANNIBALISM that was rampant, just like during the Stalingrad siege during Operation Barbarossa). The film is called Mr Jones re the REAL journalist [in every sense of the word] Gareth Jones who went on his own to Moscow circa 1935 to find out what was REALLY going on with these pie-in-the-sky BULLSHIT FANTASIES that the evil scumbag Walter Duranty - who got a Pulitzer which was NEVER revoked to this day - writing for the New York Times, KNOWINGLY falsifying the reports he was sending back for print from his Moscow office. (and before Duranty, the 'journalist' Lincoln Steffens KNOWINGLY deceived America with his stories about the "noble experiment" of The Communist Revolution). I should feel PITY for these ignorant SHEEP in this land of milk & honey that have absolutely NO IDEA the horrors that communism/socialism has wrought everywhere it's been tried. The level of indoctrination is sickeningly effective.