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rooftoptendie 24 points ago

hmmm... compulsory sterilization... where have I hear that one before, lets see...

PatriotCrusader 20 points ago

Hysterectomies after Three abortions or women over 35?

V_exodus 10 points ago

No shit ?re after 3 abortions. Abortions are not "birth control"

TruthVelocity 7 points ago

Make it 2.

MindsetRoulette 2 points ago

Make it 1.

DrDT 7 points ago

Make abortions illegal

OldSoldiersNeverDie 11 points ago

In their twisted minds this may have some correlation to laws against the murder of the pre-born, but I'm not seeing it. However, if they are willing to trade this law for a law banning abortion in this country I am willing to sign up.

Toucansexual 8 points ago

You ain't a man if you are willing to get your dick snipped.

OldSoldiersNeverDie 4 points ago

A vasectomy ain't quite getting your dick snipped, but ya do what ya gotta do for the chitlins.

V_exodus 3 points ago

But men with vasectomies are very very popular with women, don't ya know?

BlueStateRose 1 point ago

It increases the risk of prostate cancer FYI

Jadae 1 point ago

You mean increases the chances of having a date with the doctor ?

chodebabies 2 points ago

I would con'seed' quite a bit to ban abortion.

(honestly, if every dem/repub issue was the same and repubs were pro-murdering babies, I would probably pinch my nose and vote democrat)

1standboobs 10 points ago

How about you just leave us the fuck alone? ever try that one out dems?

Hayride 10 points ago

The Alabama state Dem lawmaker who introduced the bill looks like an unpeeled potato wearing an ill-fitting blond wig and has been arrested for domestic violence. Surprise, surprise.

soksniffer 8 points ago

Islam's not going to like that.

pedeypete 8 points ago

GEOTUS has five wonderful children and Barron was born when Trump was 60.

Fuck you, Dems.

RoboGerbil 7 points ago

Children born in rural United states overwhelmingly grow up to vote Republican. This is eugenics at its core and it will only be enforced on citizens.

MaouRem 6 points ago

That would be one way to get people to flee your state in droves, I guess Dems have always wanted everyone to live in the same spot

deleted 5 points ago
TruthVelocity 5 points ago

Enforce it for Muslims and illegals. Oh wait, it's just meant for white people.

habanero 5 points ago

It's like they're trying really hard to make the Trump 2nd Term landslide even bigger than Reagan's.

TopKeksWithFrens 5 points ago

Pick up your guns alabama, this is no different than them killing you

Wal_Mart_Security 4 points ago

I dunno about this one

TrumpFortyFive 4 points ago

Patriotic Americans introduce 1st Amendment to say that this will never happen, and are joined by 2nd Amendment to persuade Democrats that they mean business.

RatioInvictus 4 points ago

What a surprise that the Party of Peace, like the Religion of Peace, proposes genital mutilation, and can't distinguish between a principles-based aversion and prohibition against the murder of a living being for convenience and the advocacy of, yet again, the use of coercive, tyrannical government power against individuals for some political purpose, and in the deprivation of their natural rights.

It's just another fucking weekday in the clown world that leftists occupy and want to force everyone else into.

scott31337 3 points ago


HungNavySeal300Kills 3 points ago

Republican activism: save the lives of children and improve healthcare standards for women

Democrat activism: neuter men and reduce the birth rate while somehow paying for expanding entitlements

Keiichi81 3 points ago *

Good ol' feminist false dichotomy conflating the banning of an elective procedure with the forced subjection of a mandatory procedure. It's like saying "outlawing fentanyl is the same thing as forcing everyone to take heroine." Or more specifically, it's literally like saying "you outlawing the murder of human infants is the same as us mandating the murder of old men." Makes no goddamn sense, but these sorts of theatrics are effective on the brainless lefties who don't think beyond surface level and think this is some sort of "gotcha" for the pro-life movement.

deleted 1 point ago
Rodger 3 points ago

Glad I don't live in Alabama cuz me and "the twins" sure wouldn't go for that sterilization plan. No way! I came in the world with "the twins" and I plan to leave with them too. I'm a proud Trump-Publican. Someone would have to be a Democrat to think sterilization was a good idea. Ain't judging no one who wants to do that but as for this brother, ain't it Ain't happening.

criticalMass 3 points ago

This bill will die quickly.

flashersenpai 3 points ago

"HB238, the two-page bill proposed by Hollis, notes that there are no restrictions on the reproductive rights of men"

There are no restrictions because there are no rights to restrict. The government will still mandate a male rape victim, no matter the age, pay child support to the rapist or whomever has custody of the child. This has been reinforced in case law multiple times in multiple states.

KiltedTailor 3 points ago

Oh Boy! is this one headed for the Courts in a hurry! if it passes. I am sure there is an 'exemption' for Law Makers!

themaga 3 points ago

I have something else in mind that is mandatory as per our nations founders

Need4Pede 2 points ago

Haha good luck with that one soy boys. My body, my choice! Men's reproductive rights! We aren't even talking about a beautiful unborn child here.

flashersenpai 0 points ago

Funny, but what reproductive rights?

mrgreencard 2 points ago

Ridiculous bullshit

lambda 2 points ago

Looks like this is intended to be some kind of "epic" feminist demonstration to prove to evil men how hard it is not being allowed to have unrestricted abortion.

I'm sure it won't backfire on the left in any way in 2020.

8bit_mixtape 2 points ago

Just a way to cut down the white population.

gawd-emperor 1 point ago

Lol, mental illness shows

MAGA-licious 1 point ago

It'd be easier if we could just enforce mandatory sterilization of liberals.

BidenSmellsKids 0 points ago

Are there any Amish people in Alabama?