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selfstarter20 27 points ago *

LOL, Inside Job, get the phone records and check if the officials had encrypted cell phones. Just like the inside job in Florida where the IT department had to pay ransoms. Either the people working there are in on it or are too stupid to realize it. Time for jail and another job.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ REMEMBER Pedes, Puerto Rico has a completely corrupted government willing to starve its people by warehousing all the relief supplies instead of distributing them, Just so they can make a complaint about President Trump.----------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My umpteeth warning to you, these Leftists are so completely evil, that the training you received in your Submissive Churches has left you WOEFULLY unprepared to deal with them and this causes you to do NOTHING. WAKE UP !

DearCow 5 points ago

We both should have been cops (if you aren't already)! That's the first thought that went through my head as well.

1776forever1776 5 points ago

Great post

IronMaiden 4 points ago

I see your posts around here all the time, great work, keep it up!

Scuffers 4 points ago

Your not wrong...

zerofoo 15 points ago

Phishing - yeah right...

If this money wasn't stolen by insiders, I'll eat my socks.

BoricuaPede 6 points ago

Calm down. It was an inside job and the FBI already got the money back.

And before you rush to think it was Federal funds being stolen, these are the self-employment insurance funds we the producers of Puerto Rico make. As a self-employed doctor, that is my hard earned cash.

It is not indicative of anything in terms of wider corruption, just a mid-level asshole who fell into temptation.

phibetared 4 points ago

As opposed to all the PR people who are on disability/SSI - the highest rate in the entire country. Speaking of falling into temptation and corruption. Will we get that money back?

BoricuaPede 1 point ago *

I sure hope so. Hope the new Federal Affairs monitor Trump just appointed, a Peter J. Brown, will crack some heads.

However, OP's headline was couched in such a way as to suggest this was another incidence of local politicos getting sticky fingers with Federal funds. It wasn't. It was a back room bureaucrat helping criminals in some fuckistan steal contributions from hardworking locals. Many of us are hard working business owners and professionals, like me.

You've got to stop letting your resentment toward the screechy worst among us drive your impression of us. 316,000 new arrival Puerto Ricans voted GOP in Florida last election. That's 5:3 GOP/Dem.

phibetared 1 point ago

My impression of Puerto Ricans is driven by a girl from Yauco. They are pretty positive. :)

But the corruption in the SSI system (and elsewhere) in PR is worth resentment.

BoricuaPede 1 point ago

I suppose that you would he annoyed if I judged everyone in the mainland based on Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. See? It's not fair.

Constitutionalist 4 points ago

Loose = the lid is loose, my pants are loose

Lose = Bad spelling of everyday words makes us look ignorant. We ALL have spellcheck by now.

Losers = Democrats

Lost = Democrats in 2020

HungNavySeal300Kills 3 points ago

There are so many nasty schemes involved with Puerto Rico.

My company is helping rebuild there, and the dollar amounts are insane.

Also apparently Sunnova went in there and ripped off hundreds of homeowners and got sued for it.

There has to be some underlying things going on. I'm thinking they never developed an unbiased Anglo-Saxon government bureaucracy, so anyone who gets into any power immediately steals everything they can. A 3rd world country with 1st world influence.

HangtownBill 2 points ago

Sounds phishy to me.

xzibit_b 2 points ago

That's Trumps fault. Orange man bad

return 1;

1776-or-1984 2 points ago *

function isGovCorrupt = (insertGov) => {

return insertGov ? true : true;


console.log (isGovCorrupt('Puerto Rico'));


happyfeetmah 1 point ago

African prince needed to transfer them money?

Brandon 1 point ago

Inside job

cincydan 1 point ago

Who wants to bet that the libs in their government knew the "phisherman".

TopKeksWithFrens 0 points ago

Why are they so corrupt? It's like Mexico over there