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cilantro 2 points ago *

This is what destruction of the middle class looks like.

This is the first stage of the globalist New World Order.

Once the middle class is gone, all that will remain are us peons who will never climb out of our debt slavery and the "chosen" globalist ruling class masters.

Cue_Cumber 2 points ago

It'll be amazing how we'll be in eternal debt slavery (and you just know they'll reinstate debtors prisons!) while still owning nothing. So, apparently, we'll be in debt, picking up our slave masters' tabs. We'll own nothing but owe everything; they'll own everything but owe nothing. Isn't it wonderful, the way Communism works?

cilantro 1 point ago

Every dollar in your bank account and wallet is also an IOU to the House of Rothschild... and every time infation increases, they are stealing it more and more.

Being alive during this dark age is like being spit-roast-fucked by these "globalists".

The sad truth is that our children are their debt slaves too.

This is why we'll either witness the dawn of a new age of enlightenment for mankind or witness a clutch of 3,500 dynasties use lies, bribery and treachery to genocide most of us. We'll know shortly after the 2020 election, which future us and our children will experience.

Have you read the Jewish Talmud? Do you know who the Jews are referring to when they speak about owning cattle?

DearCow 1 point ago

We need to take the 4chan India, "poo in the loo" meme and change it to San Francisco.