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Kimball_Kinnison [S] (32 points)

I'm really hoping the DNC lets him win the nomination. Trump might win 48 states.

PaigeAshley (14 points)


schris4 (6 points)

Damned if they do. Damned if they don't.

buco (2 points)

If not, Milwaukee will burn!

CucumberInLine (24 points)

imagine if this communist actually wins the nomination. campaign is already in favor of death camps and/or reeducation centers for wrong-think. would be a great opportunity to drive the narrative on the realities of socialism/communism. greatest disaster of an invention by man, with more lives lost by far than any other.

Kimball_Kinnison [S] (19 points)

FFS, when Iran took American hostages Sanders took the side of Iran! Most voters have no idea how much of a commie this guy is.

Titanium (4 points)

Abortion has killed over 60 million people in the US.


Cue_Cumber (6 points)

And Communism has murdered between 100 and 200 million. Like WWII, we'll never really know the death toll.

LegacyOfWinning (1 point)

He said in the United States

Click (1 point)

Nazism killed 0 in the United States, yet we're supposed to care a lot more about it than the ideology that's rotting the U.S. from within and is still plaguing this world.

ConantheBarkarian (2 points)

Well... I mean, many Americans were lost defeating the Nazi's.

Titanium (1 point)

Abortions in China are a result of communism

CucumberInLine (1 point)

yes, abortion is also terrible and probably second on the list. they overlap as well, for example one child policies. abortion is population control is communism is evil.

DinsdalePiranha (2 points) *

Rounding up the population into camps hasn't been tried with heavily armed citizens.

DeeDay (7 points)

If Bernie wins the nomination, the Democrats are fucked for this election and many more to come. This clown has exposed the Democrats for who they really are. Leftists, Socialists and moving quickly to Communists.

No such luck however, the Democrats will manipulate this a million different ways before they allow a fair process to happen. Were talking Democrats.

deleted (6 points)
Kimball_Kinnison [S] (10 points)

I'd make it someone labeled DNC throwing marbles in front of Bernie.

Sumarongi (7 points)

Or maybe some cold hard cash and a beach house?

DrBJTester (5 points)

This is the real politics of the Bern.

Cue_Cumber (4 points)

That's the real politics of Communism: they rob from the poor and give to themselves, all while screeching, "It'll work this time!"

cilantro (3 points) *

I'm certain that Sanders is the globalist New World Order's controlled opposition.

We've got Indian, billionaire, gay and Obama flavored bleach to drink and Sanders is the "outsider" flavored bleach.

Drink the bleach, you bigot! /s

ed_shaw (4 points)

Yeah, really.

Aerofox (4 points)

I would absolutely believe Sander's had the greater good in thought with his rhetoric if only he wasn't in politics for the last 10? 20? 900 years? Is he deliberately milking the system or just a loser?

EpicTrump (2 points)

He’s got no marketable skills so politics is the only way he can make a good living. What significant accomplishments does he have to show for his time in office? I think he’s talker, not a doer.

Kimball_Kinnison [S] (1 point)

And not even that good a talker: he hasn't passed much legislation and his colleagues don't like him.

MrBawwws (3 points)

What happens if he wins the nod, picks a veep, and croaks in August?

PieCars (3 points)

Don't give them any ideas!

BlissBatch (3 points)

As an After-Berner:

Funny that I was hoping he'd win the nomination in 2016, and I'm still hoping he wins the nomination in 2020.

Wal_Mart_Security (2 points)

Please let it be him lol

PeytonManThing (2 points)

Bernie winning the nomination would be best case scenario for us.

Zegopharo (2 points)

Been saying this since 2016...

I want to see Bernie fail on his own merit, not because the dems decide it's not his turn yet.

So far so good!

Grumpsterfire (1 point)

Looked up this guys "art". He is no Trump fan.


Kimball_Kinnison [S] (1 point)

That doesn't matter to me. The cartoon stands on its own.