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PaigeAshley (15 points)

He is a Very Stable Genius!

tread (11 points)

I haven’t read them. What’s his philosophy

javixpimraj (39 points)

Someone does you good, you praise them to high heaven. Encourages people to help you.

Someone does you bad, you hit them back ten times as hard. Encourages people to avoid messing with you.

Also: absorb everything in the book The Power of Positive Thinking, by Trump's childhood preacher Norman Vincent Peale. As far as I'm concerned, that's the OS that's running behind the Art of War and Art of the Deal apps (and now the President app), inside his consciousness.

JoshGreene (9 points)

Beautiful, how you lay it out technically.

Flowers_for_Alger (3 points)

Amen!! That is a great summary...

V_exodus (24 points)

Someone does you dirty, you hold them accountable. You don't let people disrespect you without any consequences. You teach people that you retaliate with surgical effectiveness. The Democrats are about to learn these lessons.

CQVFEFE (7 points)

He wrote an entire chspter on getting even. Says if you don't get even,

"you're just a chump."

It's amazing how many people here and on TD actually believe, strongly, that Donald Trump sees himself as just a chump. That everyone walks, nobody top level will get arrested, ever.

Because everything that hasn't happened yet will never happen.

Guy_Montag_OG (5 points)

This is what I want to see. Obama/Clinton and their crony faux-capitalism pay-to-play minions experiencing the blind justice promised by our Constitution.

I want to see The Donald Unleashed.

Desertwhale (5 points)

Do 'em wrong, you won't be forgiven.

V_exodus (10 points)

You better believe it!


Just look what he did to the NFL.

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Sumarongi (4 points)

Lol... omfg!

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Hank_Baxter (1 point)

You got me. You so mean!

Cue_Cumber (-2 points)

BULLSHIT. It's on a loop.

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SJSMALL5286 (3 points)

Go Trump

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TheAntiFeminist [S] (1 point)

You do realize it’s all for show, right?

Barr needs to appear at odds with Trump if you expect when the actual arrests to begin to look as good a possible. The world is a stage.