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CoupCoupKaChew (5 points)

That was an interrogation-level torture video. Cuomo nodding at everything like a monkey. Pelosi doing her stream-of-consciousness babbling. I'm ready to give up my team to the enemy just to get the bullet behind my ear.

JESUSJUGS (5 points)

We all know you don't believe in God, Nancy. Don't waste your time going to mass.

SquidThrowFaux (5 points)

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of her "Happy Thanksgiving" comments. Looks like her dementia is getting worse.

just_another_pede (3 points)

Isn’t she doing the white supremacy sign?

God struck her dumb for pretending that she has His blessing or that she is even remotely Christian.

buco (1 point)

Nancy got her drink on!

mrgreencard (1 point)

Her hand gestures look so frantic. Poor Nancy, it only gets worse from here