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cilantro 6 points ago *

No, it's you who doesn't understand, peasant.

In the new socialist paradigm, Bernie and his brothers and sisters will be the definition of first class - the ruling class.

It'll be the Christians who become their slave labor workforce.

Bernie Sanders is likely the globalist New World Order's controlled opposition candidate. He's their Plan B to make liberals think their vote matters.

Earlie 2 points ago

Preach it!

Racerx719 5 points ago

Lol!!! This isn’t the first time Comrade was caught enjoying first class but still funny

VetforTrump 4 points ago

That's it, fuck it I'm not voting for him. Let that prick take a bike. Wtf, hypocrite lmfa...bernie, king bernie leader of the ones who fall for anything

Independenceforever 3 points ago

This guys eyes describe my bernout perfectly.

What a fraud. Zero sympathy for socialists.