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ggtorchwood (6 points)

Kid's dad is a first responder. I think soyboy's best option is to not post that bail.

Trump4a3rdTerm (6 points)

Just posted about a Bernie supporter trying to burn down a GOP office in CA. The media has been fueling their unhinged derangement for years.

TasteLikeFreedom (6 points)

A good reminder that the MSM going 100% fake news has real world consequences.

AldoTheApache (4 points)

Why do all libtards look the same? God forbid they shave and get a haircut

gamblingman2 (1 point)

If you're going to have a beard, trim that damn thing. You've got to keep it combed and oil it occasionally. I take care of mine. And you have to shave that neck hair unless you're an old man with flappy neck skin.

asiatrails [S] (1 point)

What spend two bits out of their own pocket? Surely St. Bernie & the Holy Lady Occasional Cortex (unused) will provide from the wealth of the taxpayers

Obvious Bernie bro. Unkempt/unwashed, dead soulless eyes, zero empathy, total sociopath.

Yep ticks all the boxes of a bern out.

TxSheepdog (3 points)

Guys/gals, who has time to start a running list of these incidents? Would be a powerful redpill if we could show a long list of these recent incidents. Meanwhile, we're all "alt-right nuts," and how many people did we attack...? Tired of it....

Yawnz13 (0 points)

"But muh Charlottesville!"

not_russian_bot (-4 points)

Don't do this. It will result in more attacks.... but, that is probably what you want.

springz (2 points)

dat mugshot, tho. looks a real winner at life

cldi984 (2 points)

This dude looks awful for 34. Yep Bern bro