Feeling frisky... (www.kekpe.pe)
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Barbieblonde (12 points)

Mini Mike is afraid in this picture. Prove me wrong.

Mini Mike in his head : "Why did I agree to forgo a security detail around this black?"

deplorable007 (11 points)

That little midget is a white supremist. Part of the democrat "No Clue Klutz Klan". Highly racist to black people. I really don't like this guy. He's just to creepy.

GeoG85 (9 points)

Mike in this photo "Don't say N Word. Don't say N Word. Don't say N Word." 😂

SwampSwan (7 points)

Also Mike: blurts N Word

buco (0 points)

Also, Mike gets thrown against the wall.

SwampSwan (2 points)

"Midget tossing!"

PotentialWizard (8 points)

Those black guys must be really short.

SwampSwan (3 points)

Maybe MiniMike borrowed 5'5" De Niro's 6" platform shoes tho.

DrBJTester (3 points) *

Little people.

Plus Mini Mikey is standing on a box.

I_Love_45-70_Gov (6 points)

Is this what they call a "MEME!"?

Asking for a mini-friend....

SeamusSullivan (3 points)

We need to ignore him. Anything other than lack of acknowledgment is playing right into his hands. He doesn’t want to be president, he just wants to troll and bait our current president. He can make mistakes, we can’t. He’s just looking for us to say something stupid.