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BidenSmellsKids -9 points ago

Or perhaps Trump is wrong and he shouldn't make public statements about cases so Barr can do his job?

RedDuck 7 points ago

He got the story out about what happened to Stone, and the juror, which is unjust on its face.

It's just like the situation with Biden in Ukraine. The corruption is obvious on its face, and the stupid Democrats got baited into trying to impeaching him over it, thus making it a national story and crushing Biden's campaign.

This thing with Stone is indicative of the entire Mueller prosecution efforts. If Democrats tried to impeach Trump over it again, the effect will be two-fold: crazy liberals will hate Trump more and become more unhinged, and sane people will be made more aware of just how unjust and abusive the Mueller prosecution was.

People keep on worrying that Trump will look bad, like he's abusing his power. The people who are inclined to believe that already do believe that he's literally Nazi Hitler 2.0. Trump has nothing to lose with them anyway.

And if Barr has a problem with Trump it's good to find out now, so that we can flush him out and get a real prosecutor in there.

And let the Republicans try to go against Trump. They don't dare.

Strategy dictates that Trump needs to be bold now and start cracking heads. He owns the electorate.