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inquimouse 4 points ago

Barr hasn't seemed like the kind of guy that would complain in public like that, better control. Maybe it is a signal not to queer a case, or a rope- a-dope as you say.

Omnishambles 5 points ago

He strikes me as a guy who takes his Department’s independence seriously. He’s loyal to Trump, but he’s also his willing to publicly disagree where he deems it appropriate. I legit think he’s one of the better hires Trump has made.

He’s a straight shooter who will make it known when he thinks there’s something that could be done better. Having that impartial perspective from an experienced AG is an invaluable asset, one which Trump has clearly leveraged pretty heavily since hiring the guy. Notice how much less we’re seeing of these bullshit nationwide injunctions from some guy in Hawaii/Cali as of late?

TrumpsWall [S] 1 point ago

Either way it works. He’s either involved in a 4D chess move to create a public perception of a rift, in which case one dimm talking point is smashed, or the rift is real, but minor, and calling him will only further expose dim corruption

iMAGAnation 1 point ago (edited)

The media will never side with Barr. When Guilliani stated that he was giving info to the DoJ, that’s when the Dems started going apeshit and throwing all this slander at Barr and Jordan and Nunes. Did you see the new OH state wrestler who just now wants to make new accusations against Jordan about his days coaching wrestling? Weird how that happened right after Jordan was elevated to a new position where he’ll be Chair of the HJC if the Republicans win-back the House.

It’s all going to come out. That’s the thing about truth and facts - you can scream, holler, thrash and gnaw, but facts don’t give a f*ck. The corruption became too massive to hide without HRC as POTUS and they knew it.