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ImpeachedDeplorable 4 points ago

Barr has been solid. He was VERY solid on the Mueller scam, taking the bull by the horns and single handedly, in one day, demolishing the "obstruction" count that Mueller left dangling He WILL indict people on the coup. He DID correct the deep-state prosecutors on the Stone thing. He is simply stating the truth--that giving the left an excuse to paint his efforts as merely partisan puppetry makes it more difficult to do his job. He needs to be left alone and he will get us where we want to go.

Jakefoy92 1 point ago

This. Im excited to see the deep state sink, but Trump shouldn't further jeopardize his own good thing

fuckbolton 0 points ago

he criticized Trump, that's enough for me to have him fired.

ImpeachedDeplorable -1 points ago

I believe POTUS will see the wisdom in keeping him and letting him operate.

deleted 0 points ago
3Always3Victorious3 0 points ago

No! He works for us, and we must demand that he show with convictions whose side he is on... the Deep State or the American people.