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Baconb_breakfast (23 points)

So creepy. Not once does Schiff move away from Nadler’s happy fingers. This definitely makes Schiff’s relationship with Ed Buck more believable.

timmythetooth (15 points)

Get a room!

oomuu (4 points)

LOL, they even bicker like lovers. My wife likes to ignore me like that on occasion.

BiglyTrumper [S] (13 points)

credit to @oomuu for finding this in this video @ 02:22:09


Sorry not the best quality, did my best

V_exodus (12 points)

Ew. Ew, ew ew!

BiglyTrumper [S] (8 points)

Right? That's not normal. Can't imagine a bro doing that to his mate.

oomuu (9 points)

Honestly watch it again - 6 6 6

BiglyTrumper [S] (7 points)

wow, def 3 circle characters, 666 fits!

oomuu (7 points)

his finger starts high and ends low each circle

oomuu (9 points) *

The nervous tie touch tells me in his mind he had to encourage himself to start touching him. It was not sub-conscience. I could see if he was dozing off staring blankly for a while to do that as you enter daydream mode. But this was clearly a conscious choice. Also, even when hammered I do not think I ever felt compelled to give my friend or co-worker a back tickle lol. Whatever justification you can imagine, still does not make it less weird.

Leberkleister (10 points)

Remembering the night they braided each others back hair.

Just Congressional Things

BiglyTrumper [S] (9 points)

So right. This might be a gesture I make with a boyfriend or husband. Cannot imagine my straight boyfriend or husband doing this to one of their straight friends or co-workers, under any scenario. It's very intimate. Isn't tie-fondling proven to be a Freudian gesture?

FactsOverFeelings (0 points)

Does your straight husband like your straight boyfriend?


BiglyTrumper [S] (5 points)

I've had both, not at the same time, to be clear.

oomuu (5 points)

You know people normally date and enter boyfriend and girlfriend status before marrying. Virgin.

williammcfadden (9 points)

Like a gorilla at the zoo.

TheNakedAmbassador (9 points)

The most disturbing thing I've seen in quite some time.

cellardoor (8 points)

I’m hoping he’s just rubbing the back of AS’s chair out of boredom?

BiglyTrumper [S] (9 points)

looks like Schiff is sitting sidesaddle - his back isn't against the back of the chair. Easier to see in the original video.

oomuu (7 points)

def sidesaddle, he turned to face the man reading

cellardoor (4 points)

Ew gross stop it ew

PaigeAshley (8 points)


deplorable007 (7 points)

I bet they are lovers. GROSS

MAGAnic316 (7 points)

What the fuckin fuck?! 🤢

eviantears (7 points)

Ummmm. Whuuuuaaaaaahhhh?????


oomuu (5 points)

Jerry Picasso Nadler

habanero (5 points)

Could be worse, he could be sniffing his hair and manhandling him, Biden style.

sixfingerdildo (4 points)

As disturbing as these two are, it's even more disturbing to think of them as sexually active.

The reason zombies are creepy and resonate with popular interest is they're humanoid but not human. Evil, or at least, malevolent and guilt free collateral damage. Kill em all, it's cool. Your shitty neighbor, neighbors, all of them. The randos at the liquor store or gas station, fuck them. They're all zombies, fuck them. Those guys. We all want them to die.

But here they are. Breeding.

sixfingerdildo (3 points)

Copyright claim right here, George. Breeding zombies are mine.

DontTreadOnMe (4 points) *

”Hey Adam, whatcha thinking about?“

”Not now, Jer-Jer, I‘m working.“

knowIdotruth (4 points)

Not now JerBear NaddyDaddy