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V_exodus (9 points)

Noodle Head should go to prison for facilitating and covering Awan's ass as she has. Bitch is guilty. Entire congress is compromised.

impera (2 points)

Foreign terrorists literally controlling the DNC. And bullying and blackmailing DWS to extend their control to other DNC members not yet under their sway, which it looks like she was enthusiastic about, promoting the awans to the other staff. Stealing all the data and sending it off to Pakistan.

We have seen terrorist groups like the IRA become legit political parties over time with much negotiation and compromise to make it happen. I think the democratic party is going in the opposite direction, they are becoming a terrorist group in leaps and bounds.

racer513 (6 points)

Imran sure. But Pelosi had a ChiCom spy with her for 20 years and he got a pension

Breakfaststout (3 points)

Feinstein right?

racer513 (5 points)

Sorry. My phone autocorrects to Pelosi when I type about any crooked democrat

flashersenpai (-1 points)

You mean Brian Peppers?

insertnamehere (1 point)

Major difference is race. Whites are punished harshly and non-whites are free to do whatever crimes they want. This is how they destroy white countries.

EpicTrump (0 points)

We all know this is political payback. The mob is sending the message that Trump supporters will get destroyed by “the system”.