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OldSoldiersNeverDie (11 points)

How ironic. So, Andy, you're against political investigations now?

^This. KEK. Are we really surprised with their hypocrisy?

iIndianaJones (6 points)

They’re panicking, folks. All the rats got the memo. It’s completely clear what they’re doing. Don’t take the bait.

Freshcope (5 points)

I love how there was absolutely no bias and proven falsehoods stated as true facts in that entire article too.

DrCowboyPresident (3 points)

Sauce for the goose, motherfucker.

texasbobcat5 (3 points)

How great would it be if they sent in the swat team to get McCabe while he was on live with CNN

leftists_are_trash (2 points)

...you mean like Obongo did when he ordered Trump investigated, which we now know was based on a fake dossier and a defective FISA?

BamaMAGA (2 points)

Hope Andy can't sleep knowing he lied to the FBI and only got fired...so far

habanero (2 points)

Well, you folks aren't the only ones who should be able to order political investigations. Mess with the bull, get the horns.

Trump-45 (2 points)

Bad luck, FUCKFACE! We are SICK of your evil!

GorboTheGreat2 (2 points)

Greg Rubini on Twitter siad he and Comey would be arrested by Tuesday

Too bad that was full on hyperbole

VetforTrump (2 points) *

Except his integrity which all of you lack and therefore crossed that line Into the dark.

Gryphoenix (1 point)

I despise that man.

Keep running scared McCabe. You'll just get cornholed in prison tired.

peaceloveguns (1 point)

Absolutely nothing stopped Obama either.......

B4OPENSPACE (1 point)

A squirming rat