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Keiichi81 (22 points) *

He'll sneak up Bernie's rear and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around.

OldSoldiersNeverDie (15 points)

Either way, Bernie's still fucked. There is no way that they'll let him get the nomination. Like last time, he'll just have to settle for the consolation prize of houses and money.

1776-or-1984 (8 points)

Why does establishment dnc hate Bernie anyway? Isn't Socialism their endgame anyway?

mightyclaw (11 points)

Power is their endgame. Socialism is a flavor that goes down well with leftist voters, but the power seekers don't believe that there are enough leftists to overcome MAGA voters (without massive cheating), so they oppose Bernie as a sure loser.

1776-or-1984 (6 points)

This makes the most sense. Not enough Bernie voters to take out DJT.

rooftoptendie (5 points)

he aint in their club. prolly doesnt partake in pizza parties.

luke21 (0 points)

You are onto something. He is just a greedy old man. I don't even know if he wants to be president. But the money and acclaim appeal to him every four years.

NaCl_Miner (3 points)

Because he doesn’t lie about his intentions well enough.

deplorable007 (3 points)

His own party complains that he is just to hard to work with & he has way to much gas. He's gross.

Malfunction (3 points)

And roughed up. Don't forget how they assaulted him right after he lost his secret service protection.


NaClminr [S] (2 points)

Great FMJ ref

habanero (1 point)

Have an updoot for FMJ Gunny reference.

WindsOfWinter (11 points)

wait... is this real?

Licensetomeme (1 point) *

I wanted to believe. Sadly, they can't report factual information without some blatant biased spin, neither can they make or take a joke it seems. The only joke, it seems, is CNN still calls itself a news network.

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Babycakes (5 points)


Seahawks2020 (3 points)

CNN is homophobic.

Licensetomeme (2 points)

The only protection they use is whistleblower protection. Buttigieg coming in with that sensual whistleblowjob.

VetforTrump (6 points)

May have a pede working at CNN lol

Barbieblonde (5 points)

Oh sweet baby Jesus that is funny... not that there is anything wrong with that.

(Seinfeld reference)

ServerTowerofBabel (5 points)

"I like to call this move the Sneaky Pete."

Ralph_124C_41 (5 points)

Is this even real? Google search for site:cnn.com does not have it. If they took it down, then https://archive.org may have it.

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MElfers4473 (2 points)

...wonder it that's still up

IvIA6A (2 points)

You can't make this stuff up

FreeSpeechMaster (2 points)


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Omgwtfbbq (1 point)

Whew. They wrote that with a straight face.

SwampSwan (1 point)

Is...is this doctored?

Please tell me this is photoshopped!

Licensetomeme (1 point) *

Lmfao. Is this for real?!? This is their best work in years if so.

the_donald2 (1 point)

Nice photoshop

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Mintap (4 points)

A funny photo,

What is happening around here? Winning

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SeamusSullivan (0 points)

Can we stop falling for stuff like this? It makes us look so stupid and uninformed... and plays right into our enemies plans.