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I have yet to see any memes from Bloomberg. The only thing I've seen from him is desperation.

RedDuck (9 points)

He has to pay for memes.

Harambe (5 points)

That's his secret.

He IS the meme.

eviantears (5 points)

No memes

...but damnnnnn is he thirsty on YouTube.

Sorry Bloomberg


1776-or-1984 (8 points)

This is my favorite Pepe by far. Reminds me of the Resident Evil 4 arms dealer.

"Got something that might interest ya, stranger...heh heh heh..." pulls open trench coat of weapons

1776-or-1984 (1 point)

Lol. What are ya buying? MAGA. What are ya selling? Anti-whites.

Shogun144 (7 points) *

I really would not be surprised to see a sizable portion of the Yang Gang switch over to MAGA, honestly. Andrew Yang pulled Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike with his platform, the more grounded ones could easily make the leap to President Trump.

WeebForTrump (6 points)

I mean, Yang supporters at least know how to meme.

Bloomberg is just failing... they're almost as bad as Warren's meme team.

Jadae (4 points)

If I pretend to be Yang Gang can I get a second serving of liberty? :D

Car_doctor (3 points) *

I knew I should have watermarked it. God damn it has more upvotes here than it does on Reddit haha

Butthurt (3 points)

lol the lowers

Car_doctor (2 points)

Hardly anyone noticed the Glock I put in his waistband haha and that the flag isn't supposed to be backwards on the left shoulder.

Butthurt (1 point)

I just figured it was a patch from an army uniform

Nameless_Mofo (2 points)


Jcholl9 (2 points) *

All take 3 bottles of RED PILLS and 10 KAG hats....

SeamusSullivan (1 point)

I want all the voters we can get... but Yang’s people aren’t coming over. Our philosophies are too different.

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dantes_GO7 (1 point)

What're ya buying? heh heh heh thank ya

OdolOpK2ator (1 point)

Ahhh, I’ll buy it at a high price.

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