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Cause they wouldn't be flipping the fuck out this hard if Barr was swamp, Impeaching Trump backfired and they know it's all gonna come crumbling down if they don't get on the offensive again.

Cause they wouldn't be flipping the fuck out this hard if Barr was swamp, Impeaching Trump backfired and they know it's all gonna come crumbling down if they don't get on the offensive again.
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1776-or-1984 (23 points) *

Anyone they try to get impeached, fired, or removed is probably MAGA. And they're trying to get rid of Barr.

So idk about endgame, but it's a good sign the full court press is spooling up to go full blown MAGA.

Talismanace [S] (14 points)

I mean, i've not seen anything swampy from Barr so far really, he is trying his damndest to bring the hammer down on sanctuary cities.

pokey (10 points)

Barr is rock solid. People run him down all of the time, but he's our guy. He will win, in the end.

1776forever1776 (5 points)

I hold my breath with Barr due to his history in the swamp. But as we have been told, judge a man by his fruits.

I will celebrate once perp walks commence.

buco (1 point)

Would be a damn nice October surprise.

MsQleo (7 points)

This isn’t about goddamn elections this is about fucking justice

1776forever1776 (1 point)

It will have to be delivered by The People, unfortunately.

RedDuck (2 points)

Nothing's actually happening to Barr. They're just applying pressure, it's business as usual. We have yet to see what he's made of.

bill_the_butcher (14 points)

Some assholes need to go to jail and soon

They have no problems locking our side away for 9 years on some bullshit

ChilledCovfefe (8 points)

This is correct. They have been jailing people on our side forever, we have 1 person in jail from their side. Her name is Reality Winner (yes thats the real name) she was arrested back in 2017 for leaking some documents. A low level dooche. yay, score 1 for us.

Troll (4 points)

She was able to get a job at the NSA, and the document she leaked was a joke. I think that just about says it all, I think the alphabet agencies only get by with funding and law on their side, otherwise they're a bunch of know-nothing hacks.

PierreDelectosballs (5 points) *

Well, it doesn't help that the Right is full of beta simps who are nothing but keyboard warriors and cry everytime something happens. Meanwhile the Left is trashing the Right and winning because nobody on the Right has the balls to stand up and do anything. And don't give me the "we got all the guns" line. First, it's not true. Second, half these fucking retards on this site would "disavow" and then turn in their guns to the gestapo because "muh blue lives matter" bullshit

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MsQleo (1 point)

Truth hurts don’t it

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ZOANOM (4 points)

I swear to God this is the truth. I just cannot believe the speed with which the Left indicts and jails people for the dumbest shit, and we can't get ONE FUCKING CRUMB. I am dangling from the end of a very long fucking rope. I just can't take this shit. ARREST SOMEBODY. FUCK.

Belleoffreedom (11 points)

They know that Trump ordered an audit of all of our foreign aid. His new budget probably has very little room for kickbacks to political families in the US.

Gmama2 (2 points)

How has this never been done???

johnrambo (4 points)

DC Swamp people

Swamp people are good people if you're talking about the swamp in the south.

JohnBrownsBody (1 point) *

It has. gao.gov/products/gao-15-377 But I'm waiting for pundits to say why it's a "bad idea", and completely contradict the last audit's findings -- that it itself wasn't thorough enough

MaouRem (7 points)

They try to destroy the lives of everyone connected to Trump, really hard to say if they are going after Barr any harder than they go after everyone else and even if they are it could just be that they have free time now that going after Trump failed and to not campaign on orange man bad they may be expected to at least try to accomplish something

K-Harbour (5 points)

Our problem is the republican management structure is still of inadequate design to hold state-side legislation at bay and also counter the national scale attacks.

lanre (4 points)

"Bill Barr and Robert Mueller have been close friends for 30 years, from the Justice Department to family weddings and the Bible study attended by both of their wives."

I'm sure he's going to come down hard on all his old friends. Clearly he's a stand-up guy just doing the right thing.

Source: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/18/barr-mueller-friends-against-each-other-1282649

MsQleo (3 points)

Trust the plan

lanre (3 points)

I think it's just another way to keep people on the right distracted and thinking that something will actually happen so they don't look past "the plan" or the next "happening". And it keeps people on the left motivated to get out and vote.

TheNakedAmbassador (3 points)

Barr recently stated publicly that the President's tweets undercut him and make it impossible to do his job:


Perhaps he is creating distance between himself and the President, so that when things go Trump's way it won't look like "collusion"?

fthecoup (1 point)

How does a tweet make it impossible for Barr to do his job?

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K-Harbour (2 points)

MSNBC articles point to this nearing end game for Trump.

This will go on until the collapse of the country; which at this point is about 30 seconds away

MsQleo (3 points)

It’s already happened. We are just memeing until shit starts to get hard

Govols (2 points)

I’m gonna be negative here. Nothing is gonna happen. Stop with the “it’s happening” crap. When and if it finally does happen then you can say “It actually happened!”

dneal1975 (2 points)

I would say Trump needs a mandate in 2020. Then his authority cannot be questioned and he would move very rapidly at that point. Trump is a disciple of the Art of War. He rarely deviates from it, he does not make unwise moves. Does anybody on this thread think they want justice to be served any more than Trump? They threatened his family with incarceration, he will not forget or forgive that. He will get his mandate and then decimate them.

human_centipede (2 points) *

I expect GEOTUS to bring down the hammer before November. Strike now while in power, don't risk being unable to do this after the election. Vote like you mean it pedes, because the threat is real.

fdagasfd (1 point)

I do think it's largely about controlling the narrative. It's why they're always on the attack, they believe if they are always the ones taking the initiative they can steer reality how they want.

The problem is Trump is a genius and can predict them and set up traps for them that just pull tighter the harder they thrash. By creating a world where always taking the initiative isn't always winning he has them running completely blind.

johnrambo (1 point)

Endgame no, but the start of the process to lead to the endgame yes, probably, maybe. Getting Barr in and working is what they're against at this point and it's started. What Gulliani gives to Barr is progress, what Barr investigates is progress but there is a metric FuckTon of work to be done to get anything ready to act on.

Right now they can count on about 8 months of working. That's a gnat fart in the terms of legal proceeding time. At this point I think the endgame happens somewhere around 2022-2024 depending on how deep they can get.

JesusisKing (1 point)


ralphw (1 point)

the wheels of justice do not move this slowly. ARREST SOMEONE FOR FUCKSAKE!

_bryan (1 point)

They are flipping out on /r/politics, saying stuff like "When do we do something about this?" and "He's not going to give up power."

MehNahMehNah (1 point)

My news feed is full of increasingly rabid, desperate headlines over our president Fascist/Authoritarian/Nazi/Dictator.

The more hysterical they get, the more the swing voter will realize how void of reality the Left has become.

The pendulum swing will be away from the anti-Trump crowd soon. Wait for your 'liberal friends' to start complaining how they are being ostracized.

ChilledCovfefe (-1 points)

Barr is barely ever attacked or mentioned by the media or swamp. I think hes one of them.

IronMaiden (1 point)

The newest talking point now seems to be Bagpipe man bad, so we'll see.

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