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ilovemyprez 1 point ago

Joe Biden's ego is big very big. How in the world he thinks he has a chance is beyond me. Just mental illnesses.

BowelSharpton [S] 0 points ago

I just read a comment recently about 'celebrity culture' that when embedded in that sycophantic gilded culture (yes your holiness; you're just faaaaaaaabuluossss etc) you're not expected to EVOLVE as a human being emotionally or otherwise. I'd say it applies to The Left in general (K-12 and beyond indoctrination, hollyweird, msm, politicians) and this lunatic in particular. Perhaps he's so deluded after 8 years as VP in the most obscene The Emperor Has No Clothes scenario/FroBama crime spree that he literally has to abide by NO standards. I'll molest whoever I want, I'll contradict myself every five minutes with the complicit help of the uncritical-deification MSM, etc. I strongly recommend Peter Schweizer's new brilliant book Profiles In Corruption - the chapter on the Biden Crime Syndicate itself is nearly 70 pages and Hunter is just the literal TIP of profound corruption in that wretched family. Being in politics since 1972, he IS the problem.