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MindsetRoulette 3 points ago

To show how deep the indoctrination/narrative has gone. I've blown minds telling people Lincoln was Republican. They legitimately thought he was a Democrat.

BowelSharpton [S] 3 points ago

EXACTLY! And people are further stunned when confronted with the fact that the Republican party was FOUNDED in 1854 in opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska act (which would allow for further expansion of slavery into territories) in particular and slavery in general. A REPUBLICAN (Hiram Revels) was also the first BLACK to serve in Congress.

MindsetRoulette 2 points ago

Last I checked the first 20-something black senators were all Republican too.

We were more open to black senators than we were about having a white Catholic president ;)

But the parties magically switch, right? Democrats stopped being so focused on race, right?

deleted 2 points ago
Grady_Wilson 2 points ago

I have seen time and again those on the Left emphatically claim that there was a party switch about 60 years ago.

They refuse to believe otherwise, even when faced with facts.

The indoctrination is that strong.

MindsetRoulette 1 point ago

I just reply. Yes, because the Democratic party completely stopped using identity politics to categorize Americans by race, right?