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CovfefeNegro (26 points) *

God Bless her, that's a terrible thing to have to endure.

Never allow yourself to be disarmed, people. Virginia can pass all the illegal regulations it desires but never surrender your arms, even if government says you must.

A couple days ago a guy living maybe fifty miles away from me heard his dogs out back getting after it. He went to see what and a hog was attacking his dogs, had gotten in his yard and was fighting the dogs. The hog turned and charged him, he retreated, the hog then attacked his door. He fetched his crossbow and killed it right outside his house. Crossbow, you read that right.

He had firearms but didn't want to endanger neighbors, I think, but a big hog is dicey with a bow, not every hog is gonna fall if you stick it with a crossbow quarrel, jes sayin'. But he got it. And notice even in a sorta stressful deal he thought to NOT endanger his neighbors.

Okay, a couple months ago a Lady about fifty miles from me in another direction was getting to her patient's house early one morning, she was a hospice worker supplying in home patient care to an elderly person. As she got out of her vehicle just before daylight hogs rushed her in his driveway, they attacked her before she could get to safety, they killed her and partially ate her.

My point is simply, you are not 'safe' in Society. Whether it is two legged animals or four legged animals, you can be killed at any time, most any place.

Never give up your arms , People.



TruthVelocity (7 points)

Damn straight

Show me the person who is safe in society and I will show you an ignorant sheltered cunt. Said person consequently would have no ability to create a society with any level of safety.

As an aside I find it interesting that you mentioned this story. I just had a shower type thought the other day that if I was going to write some fiction about our dystopian future I would probably have a recurring theme of people being terrified and eaten by packs of wild pigs. However I also thought of the solution to the problem. Just tell the Chinese that wild hog teeth with make their dicks bigger and more powerful. They will be extinct within a year.

VetforTrump (4 points)

Or an anti gun politician with 50 armed security

SquidThrowFaux (1 point)

Yes, but still an ignorant sheltered cunt. wink

gamblingman2 (4 points) *




(/s for those who don't get it)

MeanAngryVeteran (1 point) *

All she had to do is call 911, and then everything would be fine because Blumberg said so. Ralph Shearer Northam can confirm this.

CollusionsofGrandeur (12 points) *

CNN: "Female white nationalist who chooses to ignore her reproductive rights shoots and kills unexpected house guest with high powered military grade assault rifle"

Evei (6 points)

The sick reality is that one of the reasons the media pushes gun-control is that guns not only save lives, they prevent shocking headlines.

impera (2 points) *

You joke but is this even far from the narratives being pushed in current year?


'mommy-vlogging is a virulent strain of white nationalism'

'the housewives of white supremacy'

And of course complaining about white families is driven by the urgent need to 'counter hate and extremism'

Feminists hate actual femininity. In their ideal world, all women LARP as men until they die so she can be a good little worker for the state. They pretend to be for choice yet when a woman chooses to be a mother or to embrace religion and family life, she is treated as a traitor to the cause because it isn't about choice, it's about destroying traditional families.

"You're proud of your accomplishments in running your household? You must be a fascist!"

That's the scary thing. 10 years ago it would be an obvious joke, but the last couple years it's to the point that even Babylon Bee's satirical articles are close to accurate.

YDS2016 (11 points) *

8 months pregnant? Huh.. just like Sharon Tate when she and her friends were murdered. One wonders if she had a gun a whole horrible chapter in US history might have been avoided. The crime spree that ended the "peace and love" movement at the end of the sixties might never have happened.

If that crime spree was really repsonsible for ending that movement then I'd say there is definitely a silver lining there.

Pachyderm (10 points)

Reddit is asshoe, and the admins are all beta cucks who wouldn't last 5 minutes in the real world

I have this sad thought at times; that the people at the top of our societal structure these days (which now sickeningly includes assholes like reddit admins) don't have the wisdom, experience, and knowledge necessary to put together a Republic like we have. Many people look down on people from the past when in fact they were our superiors by a long shot.

BurnedExperiment (7 points)

Hell yeah! Thank God for the 2A.

ampedUpAlligator (7 points) *

Remember that pantywaist cunt that shot an AR-15 for the first time and cried about how it “sounded like a canon”, “almost broke my shoulder”, and gave him PTSD?

I hope that limp dick swish bucket hears about this.

It's so odd to me that people are always saying that we can ban AR-15's because if I was honest I would have to admit that it's only for killing people.

Fuck yeah that's exactly what it's for. If I need to defend myself against many people/government I need a fucking AR because it's designed to kill people. Fuck these anti-gun people are stupid.

It's also a must have for the sheep farmers around here. You don't want to face down a pack of coyotes with a bolt action or even 10 round magazine. All those farmers will be felons soon.

NeverRedditer (4 points)


This event happened Oct 30, then the state took custody of Mr. King's children, including the newborn. They believe that Mr. King was conducting criminal activity out of his home and that led to the home invasion. This man has a prior record, but if the state had any evidence, he would have been arrested. This might be a temporary thing until they can figure out what is really going on, but I think his criminal history played a part in the decision. I haven't found enough details to know if they kept the AR-15 within reach of the children, which might have been another factor.

They did catch the other assailant and getaway driver, though.

Fuck, someone gets violent on you trying to steal your weed and they blame you.

Meanwhile in Seattle, you can have been jailed multiple times for assault in a one year period and have an outstanding warrant and assault someone again and be back on the street in a week. Down in San Fan you can threaten to kill someone on camera and next week be back in the class counseling kids.

This is Tampa Bay and if I had to guess it's because those people are very conservative and so anti-drug that it causes reason to go out the window.

VetforTrump (4 points) *

One less Dem voter

Evei (3 points)

Not until we fix the voter fraud problem.

rydergreyson (4 points)

God bless this woman and her child

AntiProgressive (3 points)

Well he won'the do that again will he

flashersenpai (2 points)

How'd they get into the house?

It's surprisingly easy to kick down a regular house/apartment door. I had to kick in my own door when I locked myself out of the house. It was shockingly easy. One kick and I was in.

RedPaladin (2 points)

This is why suppressors need to be de-criminalized. Imagine the potential hearing damage to a child if their mother has to defend themself from a democrat voter.

ed_shaw (2 points)

She'll be lucky if she doesn't do time for that. What was the jurisdiction?

TxSheepdog (2 points)

Leftists always ignore this key role of guns as a force equalizer for good women.

insertnamehere (2 points)

No names of the intruders. No mention of the race of the intruders. Which means they were not white. Imagine doing this to a young family.

eviantears (2 points)

When junior kicks mamas tummy it’s a bump stock

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