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TrumpFortyFive [S] 3 points ago


  1. $34 Trillion Socialized Health Insurance Overhaul
  2. Mass Bailout of Student Loan Debt
  3. Making Higher Education ‘Tuition Free’
  4. Implementing ‘National Rent Control’
  5. Instituting a Moratorium on Deportations
  6. Effectively Abolishing ICE and CBP
  7. Enacting a Green New Deal
  8. Approaching Abortion as Population Control
  9. Admiration for Dictators, Communists, and Bread Lines
  10. Banning Hydraulic Fracking, Which Would Cripple the Economy
  11. Issuing ‘Dozens’ of Sweeping Executive Orders to Implement Major Policies
  12. Hiking Taxes, Even on the Middle Class
  13. Making Taxpayers Fund Political Campaigns
  14. Allowing Convicted Felons to Vote
  15. Eliminating the Electoral College
  16. Legalize Marijuana in the First 100 Days with Executive Action
  17. Eliminating Nuclear Power
  18. Nationalizing the Internet
  19. Eliminate Billionaires
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TrumpFortyFive [S] 1 point ago

And you KNOW he would ban and seize all the guns, just like every other socialist has done before him.

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TrumpFortyFive [S] 2 points ago

If he wins, I will accellerate my timetable of moving my family to the Nation of Texas. No way they're going to sit idly by and do nothing.

K-Harbour 1 point ago

Bernie is not relevant —- when we have 5 million federal workers who have seized control of our country and president.

fuckbolton -2 points ago

Democracy has failed. The proof is that we have the Democratic party in power.