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Brownwaterboys 4 points ago

Some are saying Jim Carrey is a high level satanist in hollywood. Who knows if its true. But fuck it Carrey is a straight up loser nowadays.

Arkansas_Patriot 3 points ago

I watched the shit out of Hercules and Xenia when I was a kid, even had a dog named Xenia, and one named Herc... really makes me happy this dude is so based.

BowelSharpton [S] 3 points ago

I must admit - and I consider myself a film fanatic - Kevin Sorbo never came on my radar until the recent (past decade or so) spate of christian-themed films. I never did watch Hercules (i've got an entire 4 tb external drive devoted STRICTLY to t.v. series - may have to add this one!!). But I genuinely like what the gentleman's had to say OFF screen - he NAILS the collective Hive Mind in that cesspool HollyWeird perfectly.

Arkansas_Patriot 1 point ago

Hercules is the only thing I’ve seen him in, and it was like 93 or so, and I was young, so it is probably pretty terrible... I just remember my step-dad loving it, and that made me really like it. I’d like to re-watch it though. I’ll have to checkout some of his other work.

BowelSharpton [S] 2 points ago

I'm a 'child of the 80s' (graduated '86) and have been downloading and re-watching some of the ones I grew up on - yes, cheesy at this point but I love 'em. The Equalizer with Edward Woodward; Quantum Leap - never watched the x-files the first time around so sitting on that entire series, etc. I'm all over the map with film (love foreign primarily) and even as a Catholic I've got to admit some of the christian ones tend to beat you over the head as mercilessly as the filth coming out of HollyWeird but Sorbo was in the first God's Not Dead playing a jaded, loudmouth ATHEIST college professor who has an 'inspiriation' by film's end. It was actually well done.

GiantTheAndre 1 point ago (edited)

Man, I have a really cool dumb and dumber poster that I have matted and framed...and now i have to burn it. Oh well.

OldSchool 0 points ago

I am not a Christian, and I thought "God is Not Dead" was a terrible movie that was deeply flawed. However, I agree with Sorbo on this. Conservatives being demonized in Hollywood is unbelievable and rampant.