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FreeNow 4 points ago

Isn't questioning an investigation considered obstruction now? Oh sorry, wrong party.

Grady_Wilson 1 point ago

Exactly what I thought when I read the article.

These traitors said it was obstruction just to even talk about an investigation let alone send a letter demanding one be stopped.

pbxbox 3 points ago

Augoostus Noooo!!!

13_Bloodlines 3 points ago

I’d like to see Nadler get kicked in the nads and then drop to his knees wincing in pain on a loop.

MikeVicksAstrologist 1 point ago

He'd have to have em to wince. I suspect he's like a post 90s Ken doll down there at this point.

Bramage 1 point ago *

nadler has no stones to kick. POTUS on the other hand has 2 monster brass ones.


47 seconds.

nothingberg [S] 2 points ago

These people are sweating.

CONFLICT OF INTERST! You can't investigate BIDEN! Or his SON (who isn't a politician!!!) You can't investigate anyone related to democrats, because you're a republican. That's not FAIR.. MOMMMMM!!! MOMMMY

MAAA MMMM it's not fair

It's not FAIR!!'


grenades_and_ham 2 points ago

Augustus Gloop!

1776-or-1984 2 points ago *

Dear Representative Nadler,

We are not using what you describe as "the normal intake channels" because frankly, my dear, they are fucked.


United States Attorney General,

Bill Barr

ed_shaw 1 point ago

Loyalty to the socialist democrat party above all, is that it, Mr. Nadler? You know, there is an opinion the Democrat Party was founded for the very purpose of gradually subverting and undermining our true system of representative democracy for the purpose of taking all power from the American people and putting it in the hands of central international ruling body. There's a lot to be said for that opinion.

Toucansexual 1 point ago

If he works at a chocolate factory, the doesn't that mean he packs fudge?