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grenades_and_ham 1 point ago

I love watching a pair of A-10's maneuver. Its a fine aerial choreography dispensing 30mm depleted uranium freedom.

CovfefeNegro 1 point ago *

I was at Davis-Monthan AFB in the 70s when the first training squadrons were formed, it was great fun watching them fly. They used to demonstrate their agility by 'strafing' a target, taking evasive maneuvers, performing a 180 and coming in from a different direction and re-strafe the same target in 8 seconds or less. If you've watched them then you know the kind of evasive maneuvers they can do, it is indeed a beautiful dance.

This Lady flew one in Iraq, she stayed on target despite being hit, lost all hydraulics and had to manually fly the beat-up thing back out of Baghdad. The Warthog is the only plane with old analog technology which allows a pilot to fly without hydraulics, physically controlling every action with sheer strength, wires cables and pulleys moving her flying surfaces and stuff.

Her call sign was Killer Chick. This is what makes America Great ..... Great Americans!


Here's a story on her...


grenades_and_ham 1 point ago

Thanks for sharing.

No mistaking that distinctive engine sound. Very reassuring when they arrived on station.