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gnomenclature 3 points ago

Most sensible thing he's said, yet.

BigLoserMAGA [S] 2 points ago

Very strong on border security.

DangleBarry 2 points ago

Does Yang take it up the ass from CCP?

At least he's good at math according to SNL.

Harambe 3 points ago

Supposedly good at math yet wants to bleed the economy dry by giving freeloaders (including illegals) taxpayer money without cutting existing welfare programs, lmao

DangleBarry 1 point ago

Yang bang gang.

It's crazy that he's "apparently" one of the saner dems.


DearCow 0 points ago

He's only good I can math when it comes to his own money.

trumper4life 1 point ago

“Congress’s approval is at 17 percent" - seems high

OrangeManBased 1 point ago

This guy maths!

Belleoffreedom 1 point ago

“Congress’s approval is at 17 percent and Americans don’t trust the media networks to tell them the truth,” Yang said. “The media didn’t do us any favors by missing why Trump became president in the first place … you’d think he’s president due to some combination of Russia, racism, Facebook, Hillary Clinton and emails all mixed together.”

“But Americans know different,” he continued. “We blasted away 4 million manufacturing jobs primarily based in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Missouri. I just left Iowa where we blasted 40,000 manufacturing jobs. The more we act like Trump is the cause of all our problems, the more Americans lose trust that we can address their concerns.”

At least he has identified the Democrats' main problem. I am glad that DJT is addressing the employment problem.