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PotentialWizard 17 points ago

Maybe DeBlasio and the Dems should stop trashing cops.

buco 2 points ago

Is he free without bail yet?

minotaurbeach 17 points ago

This is sad. Democrats are insisting illegal aliens use violence on police to get them to ignore crime in certain neighborhoods..

mumblenuggets 13 points ago

Typical violent Democrats.

AsscreamKing1 12 points ago

They also saw Wieners laptop data.

rooftoptendie 7 points ago

they never said "detective" but I was looking out for that. I thought for sure theyre trying to whack the last surviving NYPD who saw the laptop.

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BidenSmellsKids 8 points ago *

Really? I thought blacks didn't like Orthodox jews because they bussed in members of their Synagogues to vote in school board elections, completely take over the school board and then systematically shut down the school so they don't have to pay property taxes? There are neighborhoods where the entire school board is controlled by Orthodox jews and not a single one of their kids goes to the school. If you try to speak out about it, guess what, your landlord is an Orthodox Jew and suddenly you've been damaging the property. Its extremely ironic, because Orthodox Jews wear those costumes so people can identify them as upright, morally good men of God. They are supposed to stand out so people can see how they have behaving, and it looks like they have.

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BidenSmellsKids 5 points ago *

Truth is a force of nature, hope you remember that.

Voting in disciplined blocs, ultra-Orthodox Jewish residents elected leaders to the school board. An Orthodox-dominated board ensured that the community’s geometric expansion would be accompanied by copious tax dollars for textbooks and school buses. (The state Education Department has ruled that the district could not use public dollars to place disabled Orthodox children in Yiddish-speaking yeshivas when less restrictive public classrooms were available. The school board is appealing.) Public education became an afterthought. Schools were closed and sold off or rented to yeshivas, at sweet discounts. (An appraiser was indicted last year, accused of taking a handsome bribe for a low appraisal.)


Everything else you said is absolute utter nonsense. If religious men want to walk around in robes that show they are morally upstanding men, they better act so, or yes, of course it will be easy to target them. Its the very reason they wear the clothes. There are no go zones in New York. I'm not going to let someone tell me we can say that about Denmark or Sweden but not Brooklyn. Perhaps if people spoke out more we wouldn't have people like Anthony Weiner, Weinstein or Epstein walking around for a decade doing disgusting vile heinous crimes.


"Brothers Joel Israel, 34, and Aaron Israel, 37, pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud, burglary, grand larceny, submitting false documents and unlawful eviction, among others on Thursday. Rent-stabilized tenants at several buildings the Israels owned in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn allege that their apartment bathrooms and kitchens were uprooted and rendered unusable.

“We allege the defendants engaged in harassment, intimidation and fraud,” Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson told the New York Daily News. “The defendants destroyed bathrooms and kitchens to create horrendous conditions.”

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MikeVicksAstrologist 2 points ago

So what. That doesn't make every single Jew evil. Grow up with this shill garbage.

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BidenSmellsKids 3 points ago *

Typical lying snake in the grass, asks for sources then throws a fit when they get exactly what they were asked for. You were completely routed. Hollywood producers rape kids and get away with it because of your disgusting, vile, ilk. You'll defend at literally any cost, any crime, anywhere, every time under any circumstances, then your last desperate, pathetic haymaker is "ANTISEMITIC!!!!" its disgusting racism towards whites at its finest. My relatives fucking died fighting for your goddamn people and your endless dumb meat grinders in the deserts, and have for the last century. Rot in hell.

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King 8 points ago

libs trying to start something new?

are they going to disarm all the police as a response?

sounds like something they would do

mecAym 6 points ago

They are going from buckets of water to bullets. NYC has been turned over to illegals and criminals. God help those people. Eventually, the police will stop trying.

jericho 5 points ago

If (no race reported) then (motives unclear)

evanomcylser 5 points ago

This is what happens when you let people throw water & trash at the police without letting them call backup, arrest & kick the shit out of everyone in sight.

chickyrogue 4 points ago

9 down 3 to go

wake up

hrc is cleaning up with cuomos new counterproductive insane laws for oillegals

NocturnalPatrol 4 points ago

We have no idea how violent things are going to get. It's only February.

sNtnsptt661 4 points ago

Yeah, nothing on the perps identity, means it’s 6:50. Why do people think this helps? They are only going to build a bigger backlash if they keep obfuscating.

Earlie 3 points ago

Motives unclear

K-Harbour 2 points ago

Any links to Weiner laptop?

jetaltare1 2 points ago

Let me guess... White Nationalists again?

VetforTrump 2 points ago

Did they offer a suspect? Description?

LexUsins 1 point ago

This happens because of interstate gun trafficking. People buy guns in states with less restrictions (PA for example) and bring them into NYC to sell to criminals. No I am not advocating for gun control here. Hear me out. This shows criminals dont follow laws, so for the most part, the only people in NYC with guns are cops and criminals. It does take awhile to acquire a gun in NYC, so the average citizen is basically deprived of that right. Criminals dont follow laws.

PierreDelectosballs -3 points ago

Remember, these are the same type of cops who harass and target gun owners, illegally tickets law abiding citizens, shoot unarmed citizens, rape, murder, plant drugs, and the list goes on. I don't give a damn what happens to a cop anymore

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