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somethingnew [S] 38 points ago

Imagine MSM reaction if this were a dem voter registration tent.

Right now there's crickets because the victims are Rs.

MsAnthropic 25 points ago

Yep, exactly. I’ve already seen many on Twitter saying it’s most likely to be a “false flag” done by a Trump supporter.

rooftoptendie 24 points ago

after having spent my whole life deep in the bowels of the brainwash program, finally getting out of that, I have to admire the ability they have to innoculate their victims against the truth before the truth hits the news.

they were doing it to me for the longest time, and watching them do it from the outside in... its disgusting and incredible. You think 'there's no way that is going to work', and then it does.

Those fuckers. Gladder than you can imagine to be off the thought plantation. I used to be fucking miserable all the time. Its like being in a remake of some hitler movie god it was awful

MsAnthropic 16 points ago

Same, my story is similar. I used to be a feminist, working for a women’s support agency, and it was only once I got out that I understood why it was so awful working there. Now, I’m mystified by why people can’t see the reality.

My favourite is asking a Trump-hater what their NUMBER ONE reason for hating Trump is. Either they can’t articulate it, or it’s something that never happened, or they’re scared of something that they think might happen. Often they say there’s too many things, they can’t pick just one. It’s crazy.

TDS is a genuine mental illness.

HungNavySeal300Kills 10 points ago

Yup, I capture all the instances of people admitting to deranged behavior because of Trump. It's free entertainment

rooftoptendie 9 points ago

I have heard "Oh I dont know...! I just don't like his face!"

This is from someone who fancies themselves a critical thinker. ZERO self awareness.

The brainwash is real. For like 6 months I was chatting with ex-scientologists to get a grip on what had happened to me because it was so similar.

DarkRiver 3 points ago

True. They swallow anything the MSM and blue check accounts on Twitter tell them. Sheep!!!

DinsdalePiranha 11 points ago

If it was a false flag, why would there be a picture of the van with the license plate? Wouldn't someone just kick shit over and call the police?

They're too dumb to be dumb.

mintscape 12 points ago

We would need to imagine because the only case where that would happen would be a false flag by a leftist.

Really tired of the violent left and how radicalized they are by the media, 10 years ago, Trump would have been a Democrat and all he is doing is working to make America amazing.

MAGA-licious 9 points ago

They do this because they know we never do anything to stop it. When you don't fear the person you're attacking, this is the type of behavior that results from it.

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CQVFEFE 6 points ago

Speaking of MSM, GOP leaders need to go on every platform and relentlessly repeat that this is what you get when you have news media that constantly tell people to go and commit violent acts to stop the other party.

It's not a free and independent press any more. It's a propaganda arm of communists.


deleted -12 points ago
1776-or-1984 3 points ago

OK then, deported!

AtariArtist 22 points ago *

Gayle said at some point after, the man stopped, took a video and “flipped off” the people who were inside the tent before driving off. “We don’t know if this is politically motivated,” Gayle said.

Oh give me a fucking break. Are they paid to be stupid, or does it come for free?

Typical bullshit hot the heels of the DNC's latest failure - among a long list of failures for the last 3 years. They're going to enjoy a lot more for sure.

ProudAmerican 11 points ago

From another article :

“JSO said intelligence detectives were called to the scene, though it is unsure if the crash was politically motivated.”

rooftoptendie 11 points ago

leftists: getting your satire from your news, and your news from your satire!

TEXinLA 14 points ago

Good pic of the van. The license plate can be enhanced a bit so this Antifa coward can be arrested.

Stoya9186 3 points ago

...Or visited by a justice-minded concerned citizen. It's time.

Jadae 13 points ago *

Bernie needs his license revoked.

rooftoptendie 7 points ago

thats not funny. but i kekd my covfefe up my nose a little bit hee hee

Grady_Wilson 11 points ago

This is domestic terrorism.


MondayCoupleIsDead 10 points ago

“We don’t know if this is politically motivated”. Don't know??? My fucking ass they don't know.

Mad_Hattie 9 points ago

It's only a matter of time till the bodycount rises from 3.

deleted 9 points ago
Marshall 5 points ago

They don't know the difference between a girl and a boy. How do you expect them to know ANYTHING?

Earlie 9 points ago *

“We don’t know if this is politically motivated"

Motives unclear!

Prolatice114 9 points ago

>> Lt. Larry Gayle says unclear if incident in East Arlington parking lot was politically motivated

Great detective work by Jacksonville‘s finest ??


Carry every day and be aware of your surroundings.

VLADIMIRPUTIN 8 points ago

Probably the Bernie Sander Pedo Van.

tangerinemanbad 8 points ago

nationwide constitutional carry. FUCKING GET ON IT MR PRESIDENT

PinochetIsMyHero 3 points ago

Florida already has it. Why did no one shoot at the van?

OrangeMenace2020 8 points ago

Van of peace

one3five 7 points ago


trauncher 6 points ago

ALWAYS carry concealed. get your CCW, and NEVER. EVER.. leave home without your firearm. ESPECIALLY given the rabid violent leftist lunatics out loosing their minds.

AsscreamKing1 6 points ago *

Start packing, even if you don't have a Official GUB MENT CARD to FUCKING PROTECT YOURSELF. Remember, it's a hell of a lot better to fight in court than FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE in a got dang HOSPITAL! We don't need permission to protect ourselves, just don't be stupid, don't brandish, always watch what going on around you at all times in public, (get your face out your phone) and practice shooting, jams, and presentation of your weapon....and USE IT, ALWAYS THINKING MY OFFSPRING, FAMILY, ETC OR THEIRS.....and do THE HARD THING,... FAST AS YOU CAN.

SwampSwan 6 points ago *

"I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six" comes to mind.

CCW makes it less complicated in the event one must act, but yeah - what you said.

I lived in Louisiana & was working in Arkansas, about 35 years ago. In the grocery store, a security guard was behind me in line and saw the pistol in my purse as I was checking out. (I was young & dumb, and CCW purses didn't exist then as far as I know)

To make a long story short, I was arrested. My uncle bailed me out of jail and he said he wouldn't tell my mom so he probably didn't - he was an honorable man and she never mentioned it to me...but who knows. They were very close.

Being a 'good girl from a good family,' I was mortified by the whole thing. I'd just recently left a very abusive marriage, and was literally afraid of the soon-to-be ex. That's another story and includes the same pistol. (lol no, I didn't shoot the sod) I was beat down...felt like I'd let my family down, probably had PTSD, and I was adrift.

So I was pretty traumatized in general by the marriage and getting a divorce, living in a new area, driving into an unfamiliar city for work, watching my back constantly, didn't even know if I was 'adulting' correctly - I was so very young.

My divorce attorney came to the jail about the same time as my uncle did. He said he'd represent me on the concealed weapon charge.

He found some relatively obscure law that stated, and I paraphrase, if a person is going 50 or more miles from home, to an unfamiliar area, (or from out of state? I don't recall) it was reasonable/legal that they'd carry a weapon.

We went to court, he told the judge why I was carrying it (divorce was still pending) brought up whatever law or statute it was, and the judge threw it out. No fine, nothing. I paid court costs & that was it.

There is no record of it at all. My attorney never even charged me for the extra work - he probably felt sorry for me. I know I would, if I saw a young girl in that situation.

He was a good guy, and so was the judge. Thanks for bringing them to my mind. I don't even know their names.

Arkansas is actually a pretty cool state - I still go there for cabin getaways when I want to unplug, live in a Jacuzzi for a few days & hike a bit in the mountains. I still carry. And I gave up the criminal lifestyle - have never been arrested since. lol

Everyone should get trained & always be prepared to defend themselves/others. It doesn't make a lick of sense not to.

AsscreamKing1 2 points ago

Great story. And great advice

SwampSwan 1 point ago

Wordy, but your post really brought all of that rushing into my mind. Couldn't tell you the last time I thought about all that but it is so relevant to your post. I wasn't even of legal age to carry a handgun at that time.

Whats weird is that I had rapid breathing, heart palpitations & shoulder/neck tension while remembering details & writing all that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with it all nowadays - have been for many years. But adrenaline runs just remembering past experiences I guess.

GardeneOf_Ma_Mind 6 points ago

> We don’t know if this is politically motivated,” Gayle said.

Don’t worry, Gayle. I’m sure they just have an undying hatred for tailgate canopies in parking lots. The fuck you think was the motive??

almond_activator 6 points ago *

"Van drives" itself through a crowd of Republicans?

No, you disingenuous media hacks. A deranged lunatic partisan, led on by a deranged lunatic media, drove a van through the Republican Party's voter registration tent.

EpicTrump 1 point ago

Yeah, that’s been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. Even before cars actually could drive themselves. ?. It’s lazy journalism.

BeauBidenBrainTumor 5 points ago

I'm sure the SPLC and ADL will be calling this "white nationalist terrorism" and not an unhinged Democrat attack.

SkuklysBones 5 points ago

"don't know if it's politically motivated"

Fuckin' really?

speal_kaju 4 points ago


high_ensrgy_pede 4 points ago

Jacksonville Republican registration tent and no one was armed? Disappointing...

cwal0071 4 points ago

Keep it up, lefties.

Keep poking the bear.

Maythewinbewithyou 4 points ago

A scared kid fleeing from an armed crowd attacking his car runs up the back of another car and an obese woman has a heart attack from the shock = 400 years in jail.

Trying to run down a bunch of republicans like a muslim driving across London bridge = nothing to see here

batratsmodrats 4 points ago

Threads on this article were deleted from:

FotzMacauls2n 3 points ago

”Are We The Baddies?”

JimRaynor 3 points ago

Terrorism. All black people are responsible for this. Will Bernie avow?

CNN had the roles been reversed

Peblollru1883 3 points ago

Should be pretty easy to identify. There can't be many of those registered anymore. Especially in shit brown two-tone.

MAGANatsFan 3 points ago

I wish I was collecting all these attacks in one place. Do any of you pedes know a place they are all collected.

Mad_Hattie 2 points ago

Breitbart did for a while but i think they stopped at 624 acts of violence in 2017.

Hexagon 3 points ago

The Democrats are responsible for this. Decades of calling Republicans NAZIs and Hitler. Then this stupid Russian collusion BS. Luckily no one was hurt or they would have more blood on their hands.

Marshall 3 points ago

Just another Woker with impulse control issues. It's consistent. I wonder why his license was suspended?

Barbieblonde 3 points ago

"We are not sure if it is politically motivated." - - Police Chief Clancy Wiggum (The Simpsons)

goking2 3 points ago

If this was a righty who targeted a lefty voting event, it would be right wing terrorism and front page news.

Inteelo195 2 points ago

look for it to be on social media soon.

speal_kaju 2 points ago

In a stand your ground state attacks like that are unwise.

sl_mjivjohnconk 2 points ago

Folks, get your CCWs, we are going to need them.

Eddhep_sillerl 2 points ago

The driver was "driving with a suspended driver's license." Not surprised. Losers be losing.

Scrap1ron 2 points ago

Feed him to the gators.

chalanckPdy 2 points ago

If there was a dog on the roof, it may have been Romney.

c0risjuallee 2 points ago

Everyone (even the ladies) should carry a firearm (legally) whenever possible. The Democrats encourage the kind of violence witnessed in this story as a form of voter suppression. A defensive shooting would have been justified in this case.

Idinuwitpawat 2 points ago

Motives unknown

MeavMortalHumat 2 points ago

Insane leftists blame this on Trump and republicans because the mere existence of either is enough to drive them insane. They can’t be held liable for their actions...just act and think like them and this stuff won’t happen.

Coreheese 1 point ago

Just another run away van, nothing to see here.

trapus 1 point ago

Legal question: detaining a criminal like this is citizen arrest?

chizzoed_boot5 1 point ago

Every war begins a skirmish here and there.

freedomfan -3 points ago

Ironically, the only real difference between this and Charlottesville is that the guy in Charlottesville didn't fail.

PinochetIsMyHero 7 points ago

No, the difference was that the guy in Charlottesville was being attacked, panicked, and tried to get away.

Also the fat chick couldn't dodge fast enough.