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from interwebs:

"A third brother Leonid Vindman, who reportedly was fined $1.3 billion along with his employer Unicredit Bank for violating trading sanctions by trafficking nuclear energy materials to Libya and Iran, runs Tungsten Capital an investment firm with ties to former Soviet satellite countries."


from interwebs: "A third brother Leonid Vindman, who reportedly was fined $1.3 billion along with his employer Unicredit Bank for violating trading sanctions by trafficking nuclear energy materials to Libya and Iran, runs Tungsten Capital an investment firm with ties to former Soviet satellite countries." http://www.tungstencapitaladvisors.com/Leadership.html
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OrangeManNotBad 30 points ago

Dark Deep State Illuminati stuff for sure.

fthecoup 7 points ago

When asked about the Vindmans on the faux federal media this morning, Tulsi Gabbard said elections have consequences. HaHa!

PewPew_ThaDuK 5 points ago

WORST... I believe these brothers were operating a front running scheme. Where certain classified investments get processed through the NSC and they would connect their outside brother, to get ahead of the deal.

Just think about how is it possible, that two Ukrainian brothers "coincidentally" landed in the NSC together. It just does not happen folks. Something was being sold....

Obama said "ill have more flexibility after the election" then sent MREs to the Ukraine as Crimea was annexed by Russia. Its not a coincidence, Democrats picked Ukraine as the reason to Impeach Trump

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

I have to agree since aud to other countries was also being withheld, but no one cares about that.

VikingHalo45 26 points ago

Good God who are these scum bags?

SilentFreedom 23 points ago

Why does this family sound like foreign infiltrators? Are they being funded by foreign powers or are they radical idealists?

RedTie45 9 points ago

^—this guy gets it.

OhWell_iAn 6 points ago

5th Column

TxSheepdog 4 points ago

Yes and yes. They'be been embedded in our system for a long time. But guess what? D. to the NWO. MAGA.

Batch77 20 points ago

All his assets should be confiscated and he should be hung. Traitor

deleted -7 points ago
K-Harbour 17 points ago

The operation that does not yet have a name in public was for UK to influence US into war against Russia. If Ukraine captured St. Petersburg & Moscow, the Russian speaking Ukrainians would own most of the old Soviet Union — at least the most valuable parts of it. The US political leaders at the time had their families “invest” or “position” themselves in key positions within the Ukraine economy — to become the modern oligarchs of the new Ukrainian “Empire”. Commerce and trade with Iran would also come with the package, including transfer of Ukraine nuclear know-how to Iran. There are many more details, but this is the gist of the plan that Trump monkey-wrenched.

Hayride 12 points ago

The next war should be against the families/people who manipulate others to fight, suffer and die in "their" wars. The people who've benefited from usury and those who've run the central banks for generations. The pigs who've had their snouts in the public troughs across the world and those who've been above the law while enriching themselves through graft and corruption.

Sometimes I allow myself to dream.

AlohaChris 7 points ago *

It’s coming. The thing they don’t understand is that Trump is their last, best hope for peaceful change and redemption.

Patriots will not tolerate two-tier justice/no justice, usury, and theft of public funds much longer.

Techrev 3 points ago

Trump is definitely making himself stronger, but his strength is in real estate, which seems a lot less dangerous. Make really nice buildings without buying up whole cities, give people nice places to work and stay when they're visiting, things like this. I don't know. Doesn't feel like I'm feeding a monster that has the potential to destroy or take over everything.

qweerty -1 points ago *

There are a couple of things about Trump that is putting me off, one his how much power Kusher has, and how much BS they do for Israel. I would not be surprised if they announce that they will start building the third temple soon.

The other is how hard the Democrats are working to give him a massive landslide come November, and if that's the case then why are they doing it?

But it's probably just me overestimating the degree to which politicians know what the fuck they are doing.

Techrev 1 point ago

So odd seeing people who don't understand the Overton window commenting. Keep coming back, it will all make sense one day...

qweerty 1 point ago *

What does things like Trump giving away land that belongs to other countries to Israel have to do with the Overton window?

Techrev 1 point ago

Your second sentence. Sadly, this is so much like having a discussion with my gf. Not a lot of sense combined with a lot of unwarranted and very shaken self confidence.

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FudgyFudgeBots 1 point ago

Try to keep in mind that jews arent the only evil people in the cabal. There are muslims, athiests, luciferians, christians and people from many other religious backgrounds.

By blaming only jews, you give a pass to everyone else. Its not productive or wise.

qweerty 1 point ago

Yes there are other religions involved, but it all seems to be in favor of Jews and Israel.

Even lil-Benji has admitted that the people that advice Trump on the middle east are mostly Jews, and they are even pushing anti 1A laws that only protect Jews and Israel.

Laws that clearly violate 1A, but are supported by people like Shapiro and Crenshaw while they still try to claim that they wholeheartedly support 1A.

And then we haven't even begun to go into the problems surrounding Jewish supremacy and things like the Noahide laws.

Of course it's #NotAllJews, but the there are a lot of powerful Jews that hate the west and are actively working to destroy it. Just look at how 1200 rabbis signed a petition to basically open the borders of the US.

Techrev 1 point ago

Take off the jew blinders :D. This is bigger than one 'race'. There are a lot of different very smart, and very dishonest people out there with enough charisma and knowledge of how people think to be able to take advantage of it. It's human nature.

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minotaurbeach 3 points ago

So we have an ongoing cold war so a few families make money?

TruthyBrat 16 points ago

How much classified info was he getting fed by the twins for commercial advantage? All three need a serious anal probe of their activities.

AsaNisiMAGA 9 points ago

Thanks for the mental image of "It's Lieutenant Colonel to you..." getting an anal probe. ?

Vonzipper 8 points ago

A good Anal Probe fixes everything

Wyrmshadow 4 points ago

That's just called a Zeta Reticulan Hello.

rooftoptendie 3 points ago

A Vogon wellness check

impera 11 points ago

It shouldn't be any surprise that just as you think you have gotten to the bottom of this rabbit hole.. it goes deeper. Unicredit was a major financial contagion point during the 2008 financial crisis situation where it was threatening the stability of Italy as well as the wider EU as a whole. Bailout $ thrown around like it was nothing, lots of shady deals to try and patch up the appearances of these institutions that layer on top of the shady deals that undermined them in the first place.

While I don't know if the Vindmans association with Unicredit go back that far, whats the chance that these people were involved and that all the missing dollars/lira/whatever all pooled together to fund the globalist efforts subsequently.. whether by Soros, whether its the $ that has backed the creation of ISIS, the $ to pay for domestic assassinations of the Seth Riches and investigators of the Clintons, to bribe judges to make the required judgements and drop investigations, to fund instability all over the world..

Its a big swamp of fuckery and I think POTUS is not just the man of the hour, but the man of the century if he can take this molochian bull by the horns and tear its filthy head off.



rooftoptendie 6 points ago

shouldnt be any surprise and yet...


TxSheepdog 9 points ago

Excellent--thank you for sharing. Whole families of deep state commie rats! That's what we're facing, frens. Brace yourselves for long haul.

Hillandbill 8 points ago

Tungsten is what they put in the middle of gold bars to make them cheaper yet weigh exactly the same. Twinkie bars to fool the buyers who weigh them.

OhWell_iAn 4 points ago

isn't like 1/3 of reserves thought to be tungsten ?

rooftoptendie 3 points ago

canada discovered some in their stash a lil while back...

Axiom502 1 point ago

Great name to his shitty company lol "FAKE SHIT INC"

trumpsallright 7 points ago

This whole family tree needs to be cut down. Death to all traitors to America and their families because they let them get away with it....

mossomo 1 point ago *

Death to traitors! End their bloodlines. #War

Earlie 6 points ago

Shit, the Vindmans are just like the Stzroks

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

Yes. They are intermarried all over DC.

Praetorian621 6 points ago

"The Vindman family had emigrated to the US from Kiev in the Ukraine in December of 1979."

What do you know, they are Ukrainian.


TxSheepdog 3 points ago

Funny how that works, eh? Drain the swamp.

DrBJTester 5 points ago

Just when I think my level of rage against the deep state cucks has reached a plateau.... something like this comes along. Isn't the CIA supposed to assassinate people like this?

deleted 6 points ago
rooftoptendie 3 points ago

mehhhh, that was the old days when they had to look like they actually DID something productive for this country.

Nowadays its just blam blam and honk honk and step on the gas and haul off with the cash. Who cares. If people get uppity, just make a nice movie about how clowns are good guys who save the world. That'll shut em up. And if it doesnt, just send round the janitor. Clean up on aisle 5. Fukkit.

Ive fucking had it. Theres no pretense left that they are in any way useful to our country. Theyre finished acting like normal people and are now just out in the open and attempting to rule through fear. FUCK, why dont they just call themselves USKGB and get it over with.

puppetmaster3 5 points ago

Leonid. Lenin is short for Leonid. Just FYI.

OGTD1 5 points ago

OP, not sure where you picked this up but send it in to our allies in conservative media please.

KingMoonRacer 4 points ago

Hey a threefer!

Do they make nooses for that?