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ilovemyprez 27 points ago

Why is he even allowed in the Dept of Defense? He should be kicked out of the army and lose his pension. The guy is simply bad. Very bad.

Baelor_The_Bellend 11 points ago *

He's an Army officer. He will go back to the Army to do whatever the Generals decide what job he can do. Probably Army Intel, unless he lost his top secret clearance. He cant just be dismissed from service. There would need to be charges that lead to a Courts Martial conviction to kick him out. I doubt the JAG Corps would want to go anywhere near this. Most likely, he will be passed over for promotion and will be forced to retire, if eligible, or resign (or go reserves) if not.

TrumpPump 18 points ago

I don't think I'd want that guy in intel.

Baelor_The_Bellend 5 points ago *

You have no say on that. He's already in. He has has a military specialty and rank, . He has a the security clearance to be a President adviser, so the Army has to find a place in his specialty and based on his rank. It takes a lot more to move a Sworn Officer of the US out of their position. Want will never work on any court level

datagod 9 points ago

The establishment has ways around what is "legal and fair". If he becomes persona non grata, he will get posted to some shit hole and given busy work.

K-Harbour 4 points ago

Maybe we simply have too many laws and regulations.

HanAssholeSolo 3 points ago

Is he in some kind of trouble for going straight to the House instead of up the command chain?

touchmystuffIkillyou 1 point ago

Time to review that security clearance. His brother has some suspicious ties in addition to his own conduct.

TxSheepdog 1 point ago

Thx. I see what you're saying...He's already 'in.' But at least he's out of the WH. When you say 'sworn' officer, does that mean he 'swore' an oath to uphold the Constitution?

DrBJTester 4 points ago

I think JAG listens to The Commander in Chief perhaps he has some thoughts.

Scuffers 2 points ago

like they did with Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher?

deplorable007 2 points ago

I wouldn't trust that guy. I would reassign him to Leavenworth!

williammcfadden 15 points ago

“Visibly shaken” as in fat and jiggly.

Landslide_2020 12 points ago

I also heard from a very reliable, yet anonymous source, that there was a distinct smell, as though someone had just taken a Nasty, Stinky Crap in their pants.

TrumpTrainJune152015 1 point ago

Dirty, crapped briefs

SuperMechaDon 12 points ago

It just wouldn't be part of the ongoing Spygate coup without some good ole 'doing dumb shit on government devices'...gotta love the classics.

CucumberInLine 12 points ago

literally shaking!

DJT2020 11 points ago

They had to have an idea this was coming, or else they are really that dumb.

DrBJTester 9 points ago

Maybe more arrogant than dumb. They think they are above it all and protected by their overlord Brennan.

rooftoptendie 7 points ago

even so, if they were anticipating the Big Day, they could still be flooded with adrenalin the day of, just because the build up in their minds had been so intense.

K-Harbour 3 points ago

They thought they were protected.

Their reassignments are really to show the others.

AsscreamKing1 8 points ago

Wait until a Pede in the wild gets a hold of their asses, they gonna suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome. ?

DeepStateEnemy 6 points ago


Tiberinske15 6 points ago


CoptConstipatitn 4 points ago

Whistleblower should be shitting himself.

DocTheYounder 3 points ago

They will quickly destroy his phone records texts etc

Foon88 3 points ago

Watch Vindman try to ETS and get a CID investigation rolling down on his ass. then the ‘Big Army A’s’ are going to make sure he is involuntary re-upped and kept in a shitty post in Nebraska or Kansas forever!! Bwahahaha!!! We’ll make sure he receives the long dick of the army!!

Felipe_Nbas 2 points ago

Oh snap son, busted.

drotpy161s 2 points ago

It is great to see them escorted out, but this happens to EVERYONE who is moved out of EEOB.

They were not fired nor charged with anything just moved to another post. Don’t get me wrong this is a good thing.

FitOfficial 2 points ago

For the life of me I don't understand why these people didn't learn 20 years ago: DON'T DO ILLEGAL SHIT VIA EMAIL OR TEXT.

Even if you think you'll never be caught. I just don't fucking get that level of arrogance. It's mind-boggling.

In the immortal words of Charles Barkley: "America! Don't commit crimes with checks!"

K-Harbour 2 points ago

Alternate forms of communication are slow and expense.

Ham radio license.

TrumpTrainJune152015 2 points ago

Nellie Ohr

Omgwtfbbq 2 points ago

Womp Womp. They still have an income. They don’t have to apply for unemployment benefits.

deleted 1 point ago
DearCow 1 point ago

I wonder if they had their blackberries confiscated. "Get Imran in here."

Batch77 1 point ago

he should both should, be in prison.

deplorable007 1 point ago

Lt. Col. Dopey should be court martialed!

lifeisahologram 1 point ago

They are only now archiving? Dudes been working with the Intel community. Pretty sure anything incriminating is long deleted.

FreeSpeechMaster 1 point ago

This gives me blood flow.

Geeratan 1 point ago

Their goose is cooked!

pailoks_kr 1 point ago

Don't fret; they'll have cushy advisor roles at CNN by Monday and at least one book deal by the end of the month.

DenBicrstig 1 point ago

It's important because you need that stuff when you do a full on investigation.

severian -1 points ago

Oy vey.