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ProphetOfKek 14 points ago

That’s the face of a man who takes it dry.

AsscreamKing1 4 points ago

The truth flows strongly in this young Padawan.

Gryphoenix 2 points ago


Wal_Mart_Security 2 points ago


CucumberInLine 11 points ago *

Pete Bootyglug is literally pandering to terrorists right now. turnout and interest is that bad for them, already. wow.

CoupCoupKaChew 7 points ago

Peter Pan had more guts than this twink.

deleted 1 point ago
grenades_and_ham 2 points ago

Sandy Duncan

Gryphoenix 7 points ago

Friend called him Pete Booty-juice...fucking dying!

DrBJTester 4 points ago

That is his name, he is a shit stain of the face of American politics. I don't give a fuck if he is straight, gay or self neutered; making fun of him because he is a worthless leader that happens to be gay.

Mayor Booty-Juice

CQVFEFE 5 points ago *

I don't even like using the word gay, because it suggests "I agree with your [left-wingers'] re-defining of this adjective." I don't.

In my observation the majority of homosexuals are anything but happy and carefree, meaning gay. Instead, they come across generally miserable, angry, conflicted, and deeply defensive about their situation...and they mask the pain with all kinds of bizarre behavior and clothing, drug abuse, promiscuity, drag culture, etc. They should be regarded with compassion, not maligned or insulted. But calling them "gay" is really pushing the boundaries of reality.

And as for the ever-growing string of letters being carefully, deliberately, methodically added one at a time to their LG-etc. "label", like links in a chain around everyone's necks, forcing us to say ALL the letters, in order, or else be branded with the fake epithet "homophobe"...fuck that noise.

AsscreamKing1 3 points ago *

Das funny. New Vocabulary point scores again ?

lifeisahologram 7 points ago

Did anyone see his creepy serial killer face when some reporters were asking him about winning the Iowa caucus? He just ignored them and smiled like a shit sniffing robot, while he dodged their innane and completely uncontroversial questions.

spyWspy 6 points ago

Don’t take the deserved scorn you have for Buttigieg and turn it into general prejudice against gay people. Many of them are our allies. I hesitate to write this, because I hate PC culture. And insults given are often not our true thoughts about things. But we want Trump to win in November. Try not to alienate our friends that want Trump to win too.

I respect the #walkaway movement and Brandon Straka. Please don’t take our scorn for Buttigieg personally.

PaigeAshley 6 points ago

Very true and well stated. ?

Deplorable_in_PA 5 points ago

Agreed. There are many based gays out there like Straka, the guy who is cleaning up shithole cities, and of course Milo. I would love to have the LGBT community on our side.

PaigeAshley 6 points ago *

Yup, Scott Presler is the cleanup guy, he's super Patriotic and pro Trump.

I've went over to read about this group before and saw a lot of Trump supporters, so that's encouraging. ⬇


V_exodus 6 points ago

I'd so enjoy hearing Trump debate this creepy little turd

deleted 4 points ago
AsscreamKing1 4 points ago

Great description!? my vocabulary grows stronger with every post!

deleted 4 points ago
whestars 3 points ago

He looks so rapey in that picture

Fuckitk77t797 3 points ago

LOL at Buttplug. My dad and I have been calling him that for a while. Bootyjudge is another good one that Styxhexenhammer uses.

grenades_and_ham 3 points ago

Power bottom

Barbieblonde 2 points ago

Had to duck duck go that one... ewwwww! That is the exact opposite of a loving relationship!

VormciousChetipeue 2 points ago

There is nothing wrong with being gay. wtf is this, boomer facebook? Old fashion homophobia is what hurts our movement. DEPORT!

DrBJTester 3 points ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay.

There is plenty wrong with being Mayor Booty-Juice.

Leave the identity politics to the leftist cucks. Bill Clinton is a rapist PedoPlane Pedophile. Harvey Weinstein is a rapist, Creepy Joe Biden smells children and gropes them. Yes I hate pedophiles.

I also hate political animals that are incompetent that claim being a race baiting poverty pimp community organizer as a career. That's not racist it's accurate.

If Mayor Booty-Juice wants to make his being gay as a virtue signaling reason for his being elected to office that's complete bullshit. He's a bad mayor of a three horse town. Being gay doesn't make him a valuable asset to the people he serves. Just as it doesn't disqualify him for anything.

PichaiLiedToCongress 3 points ago

Agreed, there is nothing wrong with being gay. There is something wrong with being a liar. If you go to his website, www.peteforamerica.com, the first thing you say is a message saying "It’s official: Pete won the Iowa Caucuses!"

No link to any "official" source, not even a news article. I checked the news and there seems to be no official result yet.

The audacity of this guy! I really hope Bernie wins it. Then there's all this fishy business with the app company.

gnomenclature 3 points ago

Don't be ridiculous. There's all kinds of things wrong with it. However, that is not the reason to disdain the man. His pathetic lack of a platform is reason enough.

Horienns_1 2 points ago

There's that same face on a dem we've seen before... duper's face.

criticalMass 2 points ago

Well frick this guy. Frick Peter Butt to Heck!

Rav9nsDar 2 points ago

Nobody is going to vote for a guy that sucks cock and takes it up the ass.

Marshall 2 points ago

As with all liberals, we know HIS excuse will be we suffer from homophobia. I reality, WE have no tolerance for weakness in a President.

Barbieblonde 1 point ago

Well said. You are gay? So what. If your sexuality defines you and your political outlook, you do not belong in public office. Ask any mental health professional.

CaptainWinston 2 points ago

Trump will destroy him on a debate stage.

Pillow biter is right, he’s definitely the beta shemale.

IvIA6A 2 points ago

Imagine this guy dealing with Putin or the Palestinians.

Independenceforever 2 points ago

Ol serial killer eyes attempting more public image control.

He would cruelly torture and murder all his political enemies if he could.

Party of endless war would drone strike twice the civilians of Obama and push more Jade Helm ops thru "Pete".

This guy seriously gives me the creeps. Dems all have very violent, intolerant sides as we have all discovered from assault, persecution, and destruction of property since 2016.

"Pete" is no pacifist.

AverageIQIndividual 2 points ago

I hear he sucks a mean cock and is a dominant top.

dwanne_swalson 2 points ago

The guy gives me some serious Jeffrey Dahmer vibe

CQVFEFE 1 point ago *


Yeah, "Little Peter" definitely gives off the "bottom" vibe

Catcher, not a pitcher

PM, not AM (passive male/aggressive male)

Because we could respect him so much more if he were a butch-ass top!!! LOL

(BTW no homo...just word nerd :)

Batch77 1 point ago

Typical libtard, who wants everyone to vote for them and then stabs them.

deplorable007 1 point ago

Pete is just way to far out there for me. There has already been 2 men in the White House & we don't want to do that again! Now Pete has gone full blown fruit cake. Be safe, be blessed and vote Trump 2020