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goldentomatoes1 9 points ago

Soon they're going to have ... no cell phones.

TopKeksWithFrens 9 points ago

Bump this to front page patriots. Enough with people saying China leads the way

TopKeksWithFrens 8 points ago

China is a global disgrace and a stain on this world

zerofoo 8 points ago (edited)

I knew this was bullshit when the news reported that China built a hospital in a "few days".

Anyone with a functioning brain knows - you can't build a fully functioning hospital in a few days.

This is a quarantine village - that will soon turn into a death camp.

deleted 2 points ago (edited)
RoboGerbil 3 points ago

Good thing it's not 2% then. It's closer to 60-75% estimated. These are death camps. China has been burning corpses as fast as they can. Each crematorium is running at capacity which is near 100 bodies a day, and the bodies are piling up faster as time goes forward.

China doesn't expect anyone locked into one of these death camps to survive more than a handful of days. They don't even have toilets. Patients who are admitted aren't allowed to leave.

Earlie 1 point ago

JFC I pray you're wrong. The things I've seen in the last 24 hours have really opened my eyes. Here's Steve Bannon interviewing a guy that says China's lying about the numbers.


AtariArtist [S] 0 points ago (edited)

Ya this is totally normal for China with the sniffles : https://youtu.be/4YbIl1Q-DYw?t=1263

Making detention centers without toilets and grabbing people off the street? Perfectly everyday occurrence : https://youtu.be/xW3rLBG18UE

Eat the bat soup, bigot! It's just the sniffles!

(it's already doing far worse than SARs)

HissingFauna22 1 point ago

Doesn’t the woman making the video SPECIFICALLY say this is at a hotel?

This is not at one of the pre fabricated hospitals.