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308win 7 points ago

Buh bye Mittens

Scuffers 6 points ago

And once again, we are all shown what a slimey, spineless cunt he is, and as such, totally un-electable.

The_Sentinel [S] 7 points ago

Deep State Chris Wallace asked him about the blow-back from Trump. Wallace hinted that it will be most terrible.

In fact, Wallace and Romney will come to learn that the people of Utah, and all across America will have a far stronger say in any and all responses to Romney's actions today.

The_Sentinel [S] 3 points ago

Benedict Romney is by far a more appropriate name for this Traitor, never mind Pierre Delecto.

iIndianaJones 4 points ago

There are low-life pieces of shit, and then there’s Romney.

The_Sentinel [S] 3 points ago

Click here to see Romney on Articles of Impeachment: https://twitter.com/SenatorRomney

npc8692 2 points ago (edited)

Romney just said Not Guilty on the Second Charge.

The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago

That's his way of defending himself and keeping a foot in both camps. More witnesses were needed, apparently, according to Traitor Mitt.

Reallytiredofthem 2 points ago

Okay, so with MSM spinning it, making Romney the hero ("truth teller") how do you wake people up? People eat this shit right up.

Reallytiredofthem 2 points ago (edited)

Actually, come to think of it... Romney did it to steal the MSM spotlight of the acquittal. Just like Pelosi ripping up the paper for the SOTU.

The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago (edited)

Yours is a great question.

Following is what I do.

It is not about bashing anyone, or anything. I simply present the facts. I supply all too much evidence, all too much historical data, and share it.

Normally, other Americans, neighbors, friends, and or even family members will start asking me all kinds of question about all the corruption.

What do I do? I hit them with even more information, more FACTS, and in time they get angry, pissed actually, and then they start to open their eyes.

IMO, the MSM is truly the enemy of the state. And if you consider US, or WeThePeople as the State, then clearly, the MSM hates all Americans per all the lies that they spew.

minotaurbeach 1 point ago (edited)

He votd yes on the first charge, no on the second.

It was determined there was no crime, and both charges called the President a criminal! It bothered me that the Muller report, that found no crime/no collusion, was referenced as proving Russian collusion by many democrats. WTF? Fake news is that bad that these people don't read the actual document, but go along with the hype and anti-Trump hysteria ? Or are they crooks? I did not know it was this bad.