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Mad_Hattie 14 points ago

I think her voting record matters a bit more. It was good that she stood up to clap a couple times but reaching across the aisle should be more than empty theater.

UkuleleBaBoo 10 points ago

She wasn't wearing white like the others either... Glad she recognized good work.

deleted 1 point ago
Cuzyoudbeinjail 8 points ago

Fuck Sinema she just voted guilty.

habanero 3 points ago

Not that it matters one iota.

somethingnew 2 points ago

Yes, it does. She talks like she is an R but votes like a D. I would rather have Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski type R than have a Sinema type D. She is willing to tell you what you want to hear, then when it actually matters, she is in lockstep with dems.

habanero 2 points ago

No, I mean her vote does not matter in this case. It of course does matter how she votes in general.

spez_this 7 points ago

This should be the rule rather than the exception. If a colleague is being acknowledged for his work to help revitalize struggling communities (which should be considered a non-partisan issue) it is poor taste to sit in your seat and sulk.

soksniffer 6 points ago

Who would've ever thought the "sane" democrat would be a lesbionic, go-go boot wearing code pink activist... lol

T-Bear 6 points ago

Yet, she voted in lock step with Schumer and the rest of the Democrats.

She's just another Schumer, but all dressed up in a pretty package....

TreeTop300 6 points ago

She is better than most but she still voted for impeachment. PROVING, there are no safe democrats, they all have to go.

HTTP_404 5 points ago

I still won’t ever vote for a democrat!

CollusionsofGrandeur 4 points ago *

Look at those two salty bitches on either side of Kyrsten, both of them running brief and failed Presidential campaigns and having to listen to the accomplishments of GEOTUS.

DJT2020 4 points ago

Just heard she’s voting for conviction today. There goes any good will.

NocturnalPatrol 4 points ago

Wasn't she caught on a hot mic calling Arizonans trailer park trash before being elected?

Waicool 2 points ago

Axios is garbage

grenades_and_ham 2 points ago

She voted to remove Trump, thats all you need to know.

deleted 2 points ago
Shogun144 1 point ago

Sinema is a real oddity. The Democrats hate her guts, a friend in Arizona keeps me informed about the frequent angst the Arizona Democrats have concerning her and the national party has been frustrated by her refusal to get on board with the Net Neutrality scam among other things. I don't trust her, and Sinema is no conservative (her voting record proves it), but it is interesting to watch the Democrats get so worked up over one of their own not conforming.

OldSchool 1 point ago

Classy move. She didn't even hesitate.

Earlie 0 points ago

Sinema is a tough one for me. Sometimes I wonder if she's not a double agent. The Dems certainly don't seem to like her. We'll see if she swings any key votes, but I'm far from holding my breath.

But then again you could say the same about Tulsi, a total fraud that partied with leftists.

Senator GoGoBoots is hotter anyways.