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TrumpsterFire2020 19 points ago

How is this guy still a free man?

OhWell_iAn [S] 10 points ago

It's pretty amazing that despite the entire Deep State and Shadow Government being against him, he's still alive and kicking ass...


You mean Soros?

deleted 3 points ago
King 3 points ago

lots of qiuestions...

how are a lot of things allowed to go on and on?

hoaxes, false flags, outright destruction

where is the head?

genghiskern 1 point ago

He's an intelligence asset, otherwise professional killers would have turned his face to Swiss cheese decades ago.

Return_Of_The_LAMFF 11 points ago

On a side note, how annoying must it be for Soros to keep shoveling money at the DNC just to be met with fair to middling results? His ROI is pretty abysmal with these mediocre clowns, it's got to be eating him up inside.

FancyBeerCoozyBeer 12 points ago

It's safe to assume money gets shoveled into Soros as well. He probably makes his money working as a proxy. Money is generally impossible to trace past a point. If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you're name is probably George and Paul definitely has plausible deniability. There's no reason anyone has to take responsibility for what they do with their money in this day and age, but, in some way, Soros does for some reason.

Isolated_Patriot 6 points ago

Don't forget to use Peter's money to buy a few million dollars in art from Paul. Money so clean it shines.

FancyBeerCoozyBeer 7 points ago

Because of 501c3's you can basically KICK money BACK and forth forever. Like if PAC ads cost 3x the market rate by law, it's weird to see media companies donating it right back tax free. It's basically impossible to get caught because the FEC can't even use the transitive property. Sometimes leftists are lazy enough though. Sometimes they have to document it too.

Isolated_Patriot 6 points ago

Isn't it weird how companies that provide services to political campaigns are allowed to donate to political campaigns?

RedAltoids 5 points ago

Ultimately it is probably coming from your tax dollars via subsidized non-profits.

clrdark 5 points ago

While Soros shovels money at them, the mediocore clowns use tiny shovels to push white powder up their noses. Example: running bots out of 3rd world countries which cost little while they charge Soros 3X first world rates.

BidenSmellsKids 3 points ago *

His goal isn't to put the DNC in power, he shorts countries currencies, and then invests in ways that will destabilize the country. If the dollar collapses, he becomes the richest man in history by orders of magnitude. He's doing the same for the UK, EU and smaller trophy countries.

Return_Of_The_LAMFF 0 points ago

Thank you!

stepping_razor123 4 points ago

He famously "broke the bank of england" in the 1990s. Here is a Forbes article (easy one I could find) from 2015 titled How George Soros Broke the British Pound... https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveschaefer/2015/07/07/forbes-flashback-george-soros-british-pound-euro-ecb/#17dea5ef6131

AmericaFirst 10 points ago

IIRC he was also behind voting machines that included the remarkable ability to count votes fractionally (e.g. a vote for trump could be counted as 3/5 of vote).

Cue_Cumber 5 points ago *

Has anybody else noticed this bit of irony? A man who's every front organization -- of which there seem to be zillions -- almost always have the word "open" in their names (an irony in itself), is the main financial supporter of a company named Shadow, inc.

RedAltoids 5 points ago

All of them seem to have similar interests. Not very diverse politically.

Fasc1stsLuvCensoring 4 points ago

I wonder what they want. I wonder how strong their opinions about us are. So many questions...

clrdark 5 points ago

Is Shadow Inc. a non-profit organization, making and selling political software?

Why are entities as diverse as Soros, the Airline Pilots Assoc. and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union DONATING millions and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Shadow Inc?

What return are they getting for their donation?

GeoG85 4 points ago

You'd expect them to run out of money by now, paying for all the Antifa soys Starbucks and yearly smart phones.

William_Wallace 3 points ago

Can someone throw some holy water on that satanic cunt.

Earlie 3 points ago

Look up the rest of them. Lotta Clinton connections in there.

Obento 2 points ago

It wasn't failed, it did exactly what they wanted. Gave them the ability to make the numbers whatever they want them to be.

Danaff37 2 points ago

I'd like to say I'm surprised. But I can't.

readysetgo 2 points ago

Soros is old and will die soon so he's the default money proxy right now because it's his turn to be.dont be fooled.as terrible as he is,he's not pulling all the strings.

Still these things shouldn't even exist.