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CQVFEFE 2 points ago

Honestly, the Trump campaign won’t have to spend any money on ads in 2020

LOL yes they will. If the GOP has any smart advertising people they will run ad after ad of Chuck and Nancy insisting on a border wall...Trump in the warm embrace of black people both prominent and not, the mothers of slain police officers and servicemen, and those released from draconian, blatantly excessive prison terms; Nadler insisting impeachment can't be by one party; and Trump saying "lowest unemployment for [insert demographic here]" at the SOTU and then showing the democrats sitting there scowling, refusing to stand or even applaud for the LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATES IN HISTORY FOR NEARLY EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC.

Voiceover: These people don't look happy at your wages rising, your employment percentage rising, your poverty decreasing. They wanted the opposite, so they could control you better. They just want power over you, to keep you down, upset, miserable, looking up to them for "answers". Would you vote for them again, now knowing they resent your happiness and prosperity?

Stuff like that

TRUMP 2020