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PodunkTexas 8 points ago

Shadow who wrote the software was founded by a couple of Clinton techs from 2016. Their parent company that funded them was founded by an Obama administration flunky.

DrBJTester 7 points ago

Gosh I hope there wasn't any 'collusion' so Killary has to jump in and save the giant shit show.

GorboTheGreat2 6 points ago

Pete Butt helped fund the app. The lefties know and have formed a circular firing squad. Twitter shows a glorious melt down taking place.

deleted 0 points ago
DrBJTester 7 points ago

When you can't successfully over see setting up a phone app, but think you can run the country.

Hello Trump Ad how are you today?

DearCow 6 points ago

It's okay, the reporting system is only busted until the DNC gets the results they want.

V_exodus 3 points ago

Time for an EO stating that every single state is to have their voting results audited after the election prior to declaring winner?

DearCow 1 point ago

Ron Paul got fucked sideways because of that.

zerofoo 4 points ago

These idiots can't even count votes, yet they want to centrally plan healthcare and the rest of our economy.

I'm surprised these dipshits can get their shoes tied in the morning.

Lily_Prudencl 3 points ago

Hahahhahah right. It's frozen because Bernie won in a landslide and the Dems are freaking out at the dnc.

LSD-25 2 points ago

Who designed the software? Last time it was China. Nobody listens to me bit Iam fucking telling ya, I had it from a friend in 2016 and I sulk think they hacked the polling software to make Clinton confused.

conservativeamerica [S] 5 points ago

Tech Firm Run By 2016 Clinton Campaign Members Created The Voting App In Iowa https://www.rightjournalism.com/voter-fraud-tech-firm-run-by-2016-clinton-campaign-members-created-the-voting-app-in-iowa/ You can read everything in this article and what they don't mention in the article is the fact that the GOP agreed to use the same application in the general elections

4touchdownbundy 2 points ago

should have learned to code

Carhamtt_and_Fartt 2 points ago

If it was "kinda" assed up in 2016, they've had 3 years to unfuck it and it's STILL assed up? WTF? Lol

Fetal_DSscipline 2 points ago

How are they getting worse at the thing they do best?