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YouGotbbQd 7 points ago


OrangeManBased 3 points ago

san franshtisco lost its soupy bowels.

ServerTowerofBabel 2 points ago

Just wait until Corona arrives.

MAGAMAGMA 3 points ago

It's getting there. 4 cases in and around the bay area.

Earlie 3 points ago

and that's how all of Africa contracted Hepatitis

BurnedExperiment 3 points ago *

Native of Kansas City here. Here are the things that I shouted at the TV during the super bowl:

San Fran-shit-sco

Forty Whiners

Kaepernick knelt for the national anthem, but Mahomes did it better in the victory formation.


Go find a designated shiting street

Don't step on a used needle on the way back home


San Fran-gay-sco is the worst

They can only field a team because they got let out of quarantine for the plague.

Spez: I understand the comment about designated shitting streets is offensive to Indians because they at least designate one. San Francisco has shit everywhere.

DarthCoder117 4 points ago

As a Seahawks fan, I thank you and the rest of the Chiefs fans for your team stepping on the 49ers throats there at the end.

that1guy1981 0 points ago

Posts like these are we need a downvote button.

MarySmith 1 point ago

Mods deleting it would work.

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AverageIQIndividual -1 points ago

Shit I'm still laughing at this one....

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Batch77 -2 points ago

that is the best meme I have seen for a long time

MarySmith -3 points ago

Mods, why Sticky This? Did Africans dance around when that commie started kneeling? This meme sucks, not worthy.

deleted 6 points ago
MarySmith -1 points ago *

Whatever. This supposed meme is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. OP has no class. Trolls like you have no class. If this meme actually made any sense, if it had any connection to reality that would allow that reality to be tweaked with a meme, I do not see it. Does not work towards amplifying utter truths with a humorous and thereby disruptive theme mere words alone cannot convey. Naw, this is just some asshole using little black kids in dishonest fashion to make a fake meme only a troll would hand along.

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deleted 1 point ago
MarySmith 0 points ago

Clown car of race war trolls for the driveby in 5 4 3 2...

BlackJack 4 points ago

This site has taken a turn for the worst. Trash meme

MarySmith 2 points ago *

This vomit post was actually stickied. OP acts like sysadmin of the site in past so I assumed they were a mod. Pretty relieved they are not a mod. Whichever Mod stickied this is not trustworthy and should be turned back into a regular user because they exhibit judgment indicating they are part of the machine maligning Trump supporters.

deleted 1 point ago
MarySmith -8 points ago

Wtf? Delete yr acct OP

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daddydrix 9 points ago

Deport this lefty shill

fnln 7 points ago

In a forum that you think is dedicated to the "racist and his racist supporters", you're literally the only one to post something racist.

People like you are why I left the Democratic party in 2016. You're part of why I'm voting Trump 2020.

deleted -1 points ago
Belleoffreedom 3 points ago

It always boils down to one thing: racists smear an entire group of people.