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SwampSwan 9 points ago

Hell, I can't even upvote or comment on reddit, haven't been able to for several days.

Guess I'm banned, altho I'm logged in.

reddit sux.

Femprep 1 point ago

I had to switch to desktop view on mobile. My posts were actually posting but I’d never know it.

deleted -3 points ago
selfstarter20 5 points ago

Yes. Tom Fitton is the real deal, I saw him at the Flymn sentencing hearing.

Southern_Belle 4 points ago

I've noticed I've had a lot of shadowbanned comments on TD lately.


deleted -2 points ago
Belleoffreedom 1 point ago

Ok, it is Super Bowl Sunday, maybe that's it.

Earlie 1 point ago

you could pin it and it wouldn't pass 300 upvotes

Reddit is staffed by lefty trash

DearCow 0 points ago

Welcome to TheDonaldWin!!!

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Belleoffreedom 10 points ago

This is not 4Chan or VOAT. This place has a purpose, and a handful of rules over to the right. This site is for supporting DJT, and rules include following the law, no Racism, no Doxxing, Be Respectful, and Don't be Dumb.

If you decide follow the rules, you might find out that you will ultimately enjoy the conversations you become involved in. If you don't follow the rules, you will piss people off, and you might be surprised to find out that they can piss you off, too.

Here's a book by someone who started out where you are, and became one of America's most revered Statesmen. It isn't very long, and I can guarantee DJT has read it, probably more than once.


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SwampSwan 7 points ago

Bullshit. The individual rules are literally explained right there in front of your eyes.

Read them.