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TDU_Weight 2 points ago

On 15 October 2020
A Klein, a Trippe, and a Brewster,
White bow ties, tuxes with tails,
Walk into Sir Harry's.

Bartender asks, "What'll ya have?"
Klein says, "Airship."
Trippe says, "On the rocks."
Brewster says, "Stirred, with a birch swizzle."

All three bust out laughing.

Bartender says, "Never heard of it."
Klein says, "One shot vodka."
Trippe says, "Two shots swamp water."
Brewster says, "Three cubes of dry ice."

All three bust out laughing.

Klein says, "We gotta get a better name."
Trippe says, "Spruce Goose"
Brewster says, "Too nostalgic."
Bartender says, "SPECTRE?"

All four bust out laughing.

Confessions of a Muckraker / 1979
Jack Anderson with James Boyd
page 62

Future proves past.
You have so much more than you know.