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TrumpsterFire2020 22 points ago

Yes Mike, spend all your Money. Show us that you mean it. Go woke, get broke.

TheDerpState 6 points ago

This and Steyer. I can't last 5 secs with all that ear poison, but I hope they spend themselves homeless.

IronMaiden 5 points ago

Even my lifelong liberal mom in Mass hates Steyer's guts ?

daty_dato 9 points ago

It's a personality defect. He honestly believes that he knows what's best for YOU. That he NEEDS to run your life because you are to stupid to do it yourself.


A form of insane delusion the subjects of which imagine themselves to be very great, exalted, or powerful personages; the delusion of grandeur.
justmeme 6 points ago

I hope he makes it to the Primary. Creepy Mike label will stick like glue.

TruthVelocity 5 points ago

Bloomberg burns all of his money and Trump will still be president? Winning!

RedBloodedFather 5 points ago

Spend lots of money, it'll help the economy, which helps the President get re-elected.

draintheswamp 4 points ago

I know this is a shitpost, but Bloomberg once said taking money away from the poor helps them because they have less to spend on fattening food.

They_Must_Go_Back 4 points ago

"takes wisdom to recognize your own arrogance"

Ok there, sparky! That is as rich as Hunter Biden after working for a Ukrainian energy company.

TDAF 3 points ago

SC, nice use of the classic VW Beetle ad!

draintheswamp 2 points ago

Bloomberg is literally buying the nomination.

Earlie 2 points ago

I wanna know what kind of skeletons he has in his closet.

He knows he couldn't possibly win the primary, much less the general... right?

PotentialWizard 1 point ago

He might've been a genius in business, but he's stupid now. "A fool and his money are soon parted."

SuperSilly 1 point ago

Jeepers, "I know what's best for you" should put the fear of God into anyone!

RummyVonDumDum 1 point ago

As much as I loathe the idea of a President Bloomberg...to me, he clearly is the best of a bunch of terrible options that the other side is offering up.

He's the moderate's moderate, essentially. He seems to understand that Marxism is evil, at least.

3Always3Victorious3 0 points ago

Go ahead, MiniMike, and spend all your billions trying to take out 'TeflonDon'. I would love to see how this turns out for you!

spuger 0 points ago

I guess if your I vestments have boomed over the last 3 years and you have a lot extra....