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CaptainChrisPBacon 10 points ago

TBH Florida is still weird AF.But not as weird as Commiefornia

Cant-Standja 8 points ago

Florida is waaaaay down the list.

New York is second to Commiefornia. Then there is batshit looney Washington and fat-liberal Oregon.

Fenianlad 4 points ago

Maybe if you're talking about shitty government, but you are pretty far off-base if you think New York is anywhere near as weird as FL. Have you ever been here? North of the Tappan Zee bridge is as normal as any other place. We even have farms and guns and trucks and stuff, ya know?

Cant-Standja 3 points ago

I agree.

Maybe we are talking on different levels. I'm more referring to levels of government imposed socialism. If we are talking weird weird then I digress that FL is the crotch and dong of America.

quiche_epinards 6 points ago

From the article:

Changes to the curriculum will include a civics literacy examination for all high school seniors and a recommended reading list that includes America’s significant foundational documents.

Federman said the B.E.S.T. standards will prepare Florida’s students for the outside world by emphasizing civics for all K-12 students.

“A successful child is a successful citizen if they know their rights as a citizen,” the teacher said.

Corcoran said the new standards “represent the highest quality knowledge-based standards in the nation.”

“They not only incorporate civics throughout every grade, a first of their kind in the nation, ensuring that our students are well versed in the United States Constitution and the responsibilities of citizenship, they also provide educators with clear and concise standards,” he added.

Be still my heart! ?Congratulations to the citizens of Florida. This is great news!!

DrBJTester 5 points ago

A great governor is a powerful thing, but news stories that start: A Florida man...

Well you know tatters got to tate.

Cant-Standja 4 points ago

As a homeschooling dad, this is the best thing I have read in a long time. Just the fact he even mentioned the term CIVICS shows this motherfucker is a patriot. Civics and the concept of participation has been eliminated from the public consciousness and IMO is why all this liberal shit is happening. CIVICS is how this shit operates, it's how you own private property and guns, it's how you are directly involved in the constitution. Communism CANNOT exist where there is civics - period.

Please stop calling it "public education" and call it what it is, "government education," and as we all know the government fucks up anything it gets involved in.

TRUMPets [S] 2 points ago

Wow, my first post here on tdw and you guys really showed up!! Never got this kind of interaction over on t_d... Ever.

2 things:

  1. Florida proper (anything north of Palm Beach) gets a shit rap for everything South of it.
  2. I have a 2nd grader and the COMMIE core curriculum is fucking unintelligible. I honestly can't figure out what they're asking most of the time. I've been fighting her mother since preschool to let her get a Christian education or let me homeschool her, but she's a velociKunt.

Again, thanks for showing up and making me feel special :-D

zerofoo 2 points ago

Blue states like NJ always tout their school systems as justification for their sky-high taxes. They also tout their “special needs” programs and individualized education programs as a way to get students that struggle the academics they need.

After spending the better part of my working life in these schools, I can tell you the real purpose of these schools is to separate the smart kids from the troublemakers and the not so smart ones.

This makes the public schools look much better than they actually are. It also creates a tax windfall for inner-city districts like Trenton, Camden, Newark, Jersey City and Patterson.

Don’t be fooled. There is nothing wrong with schools in the south. The only difference between those schools and schools in the north, is the cost of those programs.

Kick the teacher’s union out of public education and support vouchers for private school. It’s the only way to bring competition and improvement to education in the US.

asbifsooiavonawge 2 points ago

Just a reminder that this guy helped create common core to end White privilege.

MikeVicksAstrologist 1 point ago

This is awesome uplifting news! Way to go Florida!

smugfoxe07 1 point ago

Let me explain common core:


Children were taught other methods to solve math problems such as drawing blocks in an array to represent 2x3=6. This is great to help kids understand various ways of solving a problem and gives children physical objects they can put together (manipulatives) to help connect math problems to real situations. The problem starts when they go to test kids. These idiots were actually forcing children to answer math problems in a particular way. They would say: draw an array to represent 2x3. So even if they know the right answer, they were forced to do all kinds of drawings to represent the data visually. There are some crazy common core drawings to represent place values like tens, hundreds. So kids get confused which of these visual representations to draw and end up getting answers wrong even though they know the numerical answer. Good riddance to this stupid bullshit.

PotatoihupsC3411 1 point ago

This is awesome. Common Core is evil.

smugfoxe07 1 point ago

Just a reminder that this guy helped create common core to end White privilege.

Schizodeluxe 1 point ago (edited)

I just moved to Florida from Illinois without a job lined up and got a job with a 5 dollar raise. Wont here any shit talking from me, this is my home now too!

Edit: Please talk as much shit as you like about Illinois.

ContraryCynic 1 point ago

Just remember the state motto, "vote early, vote often!"

obames_5et_goat 1 point ago

I'm convinced Obama put that bullshit plan into place for the payout by the publisher.

Koganm 1 point ago

Sorry guys, but as a Florida resident, I’ve got the best Govenor ?

Thewrnningro_k 1 point ago

Sounds good. Common core sucks balls and was a fucking stupid idea and we have now proven it was bad

le2ten15 1 point ago

Hell yeah

Shayhawk 1 point ago

Fix the students but please for all of our entertainment do not mess with "Florida man" We need "Florida man!"

expoxin 1 point ago

Could you imagine if that communist had beat him? Florida dodged an unbelievably big bullet

just_another_pede 1 point ago

Honest question: Does Florida schools have a discipline problem with the kids that appears to be the norm for other states? Seems like that would need to be the first thing addressed if they do.

apraconasd5 1 point ago

Just a headline surfer here, but DeSantis sounds like he's hitting it out of the park. God speed, Florida.

deleted 1 point ago
Captain_ZooterMan 1 point ago

Based Ron DeSantis saving Florida. Gotta love it

OneTypoComment 1 point ago

It's a good day for Florida Man.

minuoot77 1 point ago

Well, good thing we tried out that little experiment on several years worth of kids....

There should be class actions from all the kids who had to go through life not learning how to do basic math because they were getting experimented on now...

ChibiRonoDrogo 1 point ago

I love this, I just wish it could be implemented quickly. It’s being reported that it won’t be rolled out for another 2-3 years.

DigitawMiningCrr7 1 point ago

Das muh boy Ronnie! FL represent!

Thatunknownguy 1 point ago

I think Alabama is trying to get rid of it too

txladyvoter 1 point ago

FLorida is getting really really seriously GREAT! Love Ron DeSantis!

deleted 1 point ago
NitRogerStone 1 point ago

Have any other states ended Coommon Core?

ThaKrullonline 1 point ago

One small step...

zeerke 1 point ago

It's about time! It's not actually helping teachers at all. Some kids are good students but terrible at tests. A teacher is then punished because of a student's disability. Teachers across America should be allowed to write their own lesson plans that cater to their students. Same as homeschooling which I do because I strongly disagree with the aggressive testing teachers are forced to give.

Jadae 1 point ago

Florida is still fair game as long as penguinz0 is making videos about dildos as weapons and Live PD keeps on doing episodes in Pasco County.

Bombshellacking 0 points ago

Now do Massachusetts

ContraryCynic 0 points ago

Half of my family comes from Florida, been there since the civil war. So I reserve my right to trash-talk.

DickTick 0 points ago

Do you honestly fucking think having an "i" basically turned upside down suddenly means you didn't type out the word "shit"? Are we really so fucking immature that we can't handle typing, hearing, or seeing a fucking cuss word like shit?


Geeratan 0 points ago

I find common core easier and it was how I did math in my head when I was in school, also felons should be able to vote after they finish everything.