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TrumpPump [S] 6 points ago

He also congratulated Adam Schiff and shook his hand on the information they presented to the Senate. What the heck? That's disgusting and he know the dems are full of baloney. Unless he's just trying to make it look like they made a good case so that when Trump is acquitted then the Democrats can't say the Republicans were going to acquit the whole time or it wasn't a fair trial.

deleted -1 points ago
CoupCoupKaChew 5 points ago

Lindsey has a closet almost as deep as McStain's - his old buddy in corruption. You know he seems to be praising/shielding Trump's enemies just as Team Trump move toward anything Ukraine offensively. What's he hiding?

EpicTrump 5 points ago

Graham wants to be perceived as non-partisan.

ImpeachedDeplorable 3 points ago

They stood before the Senate and told lie after lie for days, and Graham calls them "professional, articulate, and respectful". That's all he could think of to say??!!

Rodger 2 points ago

Lindsey Graham is an attention whore. If all of these Republicans in the House and Senate would be strong & support President Trump wholeheartedly they would be totally unstoppable and the world would be better for it. The Republicans have always cowered to the Democrats that needs to stop.

jojoaz 2 points ago

I would expect no less from McCain's pal. He supports Trump just enough to keep voters back home happy. He is not on our side.

TrumpPump [S] 1 point ago

Something sounds funny because he's been a vocal supporter of the President and then in an attempt to remove him when Dems present case to do so, THEN he praises Dems? It's bad anytime but it was especially bad to praise them when they're trying to push him out.

Gobberwarts 0 points ago

Technically, eight is "a few"..

AtariArtist -2 points ago

Non partisan theater before he reaches into the DNCs chest and rips out its still beating heart for a nosh.