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RJ64 2 points ago

I just finished it. Can’t wait till the next episode. He’s going to lay out his case.

TrumpFortyFive [S] 1 point ago

Anyone else notice some start time issues sharing this link? I had to hard code the link to start at the beginning.

MyWoWServer 1 point ago

Kinda feel hoodwinked.

"Check out my Twitter as I spill the beans!"

Next day: " Here's my new show and web site!"


TrumpFortyFive [S] 1 point ago (edited)

Yeah, Rudy has a lot to learn about podcasts. (Over 3 minute introduction?! Make it 3 - 4 seconds and get on with it)

Give him constructive criticism and let him rinse/repeat. He’s a smart, honorable man. He will get better over time.