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CucumberInLine 4 points ago

he stood against the welfare state. he was killed by the demonrats, who filibustered and voted against civil rights act.


also, (Rick roll) never gonna click that link, never gonna take that bait!

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Cue_Cumber 1 point ago

My Lord! I read the damn article. It's not clickbait, its an article by David J. Barrow, Standpoint online magazine. The first paragraph reads:

"Newly-released documents reveal the full extent of the FBI’s surveillance of the civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King in the mid-1960s. They expose in graphic detail the FBI’s intense focus on King’s extensive extramarital sexual relationships with dozens of women, and also his presence in a Washington hotel room when a friend, a Baptist minister, allegedly raped one of his “parishioners”, while King “looked on, laughed and offered advice”. The FBI’s tape recording of that criminal assault still exists today, resting under court seal in a National Archives vault."(emphasis added)

The article mentions that the FBI knew King was seriously vulnerable to blackmail because of his rampant extramarital affairs, and that the IRS discovered he accepted money from known Communists.

Go ahead. Don't read it. Wouldn't want to shoot one of your sacred cows.

Heck, maybe one of his rape victims, or an irate husband, shot the hypocrite. None of this surprises me. Reagan talked a good game, too; never liked him, either.

CucumberInLine 4 points ago

already know about his alleged affairs.

they use the same tactic against our president. think about it for a second. the fbi are truthful now? we can trust them? bruh.

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Belleoffreedom 4 points ago

Because we have never heard about either the IRS or the FBI being weaponized.

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