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UpsdDwnInClwnwrld 23 points ago

If true, this is worse than I thought.

PamelaCincinnatus 13 points ago

Literally nothing in that post is false. The only real question is what if anything the federal government will do.

OhLollyLollyPop 9 points ago (edited)

It's catastrophic for any freedom in Virginia. The leftists are making a zone from NY to Virginia.

chickyrogue 1 point ago

its not working out so great for cuomo idiot right now

too many rapes and violence mounting to protect the swamp when they get arrested bail free

even FREDO wont be able to cover up whats what right now cuz nyc wont have this much longer

hasnt been this dangerous in nyc since 1960s YAY WILHELM <==de blah zeroes real name