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Tokens_Worth 30 points ago

They either overthrow now, of they lose it forever.

They_Must_Go_Back 8 points ago *

VA pede here. The worst part is the apathy that has been trained into my friends and family in the Northern VA area. I'm not sure if it is fueled by arrogance or sheer resignation.

My wife and I have been looking for jobs out of this state for the past two weeks. I've tried and tried to do my part via grassroots orgs and free speech forums.

These Democrat party scum are worse than a hydra. If it doesn't happen this go around, next time people forget who the left is and votes them in, the state is done for.

Assault-Covfefe 7 points ago

I'm right there with you. Just got back from visiting family in a free state. Looked at the wife and said: if we don't get Virginia back in the next election, we are leaving. I don't want to hear shit about "leaving just hands it over to them, stay and fight". Fight what? Fight where? A the ballot box? Please. The fix is in. Just look at the OP, none of this is false. The liberals are just going to change the rules in their favor until the only thing left is to do is to march down there in the thousands and overthrow them.

exit64b 5 points ago

It's sheer ignorance, NOVA, heck the DVM lives in it's own bubble, oblivious to the outside world and how the rest of the State and America really is.

If you can help it, stay in VA, fight the good fight. Let people know we exist in VA so that we can have candidates to run for us

MAGA-licious 4 points ago

It's not ignorance, it's willful surrender of rights for comfort and a sense of security. Benjamin Franklin spoke on this 200 plus years ago.

chickyrogue 2 points ago

its the united nation and they are a pestilense upon the earth

UpsdDwnInClwnwrld 23 points ago

If true, this is worse than I thought.

PamelaCincinnatus 13 points ago

Literally nothing in that post is false. The only real question is what if anything the federal government will do.

OhLollyLollyPop 9 points ago *

It's catastrophic for any freedom in Virginia. The leftists are making a zone from NY to Virginia.

chickyrogue 2 points ago

its not working out so great for cuomo idiot right now

too many rapes and violence mounting to protect the swamp when they get arrested bail free

even FREDO wont be able to cover up whats what right now cuz nyc wont have this much longer

hasnt been this dangerous in nyc since 1960s YAY WILHELM <==de blah zeroes real name

holytrpbatman 22 points ago

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.

racecar 5 points ago

Move the protest to the governor’s mansion. Bring torches and pitchforks.

generalshermansballs 19 points ago

Coming soon to a Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc., near you.

Republicans have to learn to vote straight party line. Democrats do it without a thought.

TopKeksWithFrens 12 points ago

This is scary. They need to be removed and frankly imprisoned

13_Bloodlines 9 points ago

Their gonna get forced out of office one way or another. You can’t ban fists and foot stomps.

ispeakmrad 8 points ago

If they do not fight; it is over for the entire country. Gov Blackface, so far, has won this exchange and there appears to be nothing on the table to correct the course.

Skyrison 2 points ago

i completely agree. it's gotten to the point where civility and trying to beat them with the courts is failing the people BIG TIME. there needs to be a show of force to keep these losers in line. it will show them what will happen if they go too far again

crusty_curmudgeon 7 points ago

Can this go to the Supreme Court? Why is the VA legislature allowed to pass “move the goalposts” laws in the middle of a campaign (petition) without being checked ?

NaCl_Miner 6 points ago

A million Virginia patriots should surround the statehouse. Cut off water and power until they surrender and then have them all resign

nautilus12 5 points ago

So the question is how do you short circuit the pattern so that by the time they come to your state they don't have it down to a science?

memechallenger33 5 points ago

By taking over Virginia, they make sure that no patriot will want to work in DC. right now, you can work there but live in VA, which is not (yet)90% blue. AFter this gun ban, the patriots will move out, and there there will be zero available to work for the feds. Just another reason to spread out the federal government among the states and not keep it all holed up in one place.

djtverystablegenius 4 points ago

Get involved locally. Your county supervisors can declare your county a 2A sanctuary.

Follow the example if Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina. In free areas it shouldn't be hard to get a resolution supporting the constitution.

Blpll116 3 points ago

If anyone in VA feels a small rumbling earthquake, it’s just Washington, Jefferson, and legions of patriots rolling over in their graves.

sh1heen121 1 point ago

Yup. Time to kick them out. They are a virus that weakens the system that keeps us all safe. Get them out!

SplpperyGuspy 1 point ago

Ok so we need to come up with a solution, how do you short circuit this pattern so that by the time they come to your state they don't have it down to a science?

goking2 1 point ago

Lmk when it is time to ride.

chickyrogue 1 point ago

hate to say it but someone is looking for a bullet in the head!

Klcbva 1 point ago

Virginia is a one-term Governor state. How soon until that changes?

bobdole9 2 points ago

One of the bills passed recently increased the governor's term from 4 to 8 years.

So, sort of already happened. Congrats being stuck with a POS for eight years :(

Klcbva 1 point ago

Ok, so it’s actually no consecutive terms which means he is fine at the end of this term but can technically run again after there is another governor in between