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Gobberwarts 31 points ago

The gunpowder used in .223 bullets doesn't even get hot enough to melt steel beams!

trauncher 13 points ago

ok, that's funny right there....

schnazzmizzle 4 points ago

Depends of if its the rifle it's shot from has a pistol grip or not..

MrJugsMcBulge 0 points ago

Well, he was using a bump-stock.

Mad_Hattie 25 points ago

And the FBI went " well, we can't find anything" and dropped the entire thing.

And we are supposed to trust them to investigate Omar??

Gobberwarts -12 points ago

They found the shooter

trauncher 13 points ago

They found a guy who was shot. its debatable that they found the "Shooter"

Mad_Hattie 4 points ago

Where did i use the word "shooter"?

Gobberwarts -8 points ago

So they can't find motive? I guess he'll get off on the charges.

Mad_Hattie 8 points ago

You really think one man did it?

How he got those guns in?

Or how they had evidence poof?

And even lost track of her girlfriend?

Kind of reminded me of the pulse shooter's wife running as well. . .

And they tried to paint him as just a disgruntled gay man

Despite being married, having kids, and worshipping islam

Thiswillbeintheexam 9 points ago (edited)

The guy was an arms trafficker with FBI and CIA links.

Saudi assassins arrived in the country to murder Mohammed Bin Salman. He was renting the floors above Paddocks.

They arranged the purchase of several guns through Paddock in order to stay off the Homeland Security radar.

They arranged the deal on that particular day because the external concert would muffle the sound of automatic fire inside the hotel, giving them opportunity to escape.

They purchased ammunition and mags themselves as there's no red flags in Nevada for doing this.

The arms deal went down and they killed Paddock. They then loaded their own ammunition into the guns.

They went upstairs and breached into MBS's rooms. This is the alarm that Security Guard Jesus Campos was investigating. But, problem! MBS wasn't in the rooms above, he was wearing western clothes gambling anonymously in another casino entirely.

They shoot Campos. Now they have a running clock and two dead (Campos survives, but they're not to know that at the time). They call home and are told to go Jihadi to try to conceal the motives of the attack. They do and are wildly successful. They escape in the chaos.

The FBI investigate. It's a major international incident. Trump decides to bury the whole thing under National Security. He volunteers Blackwater to MBS, who over the next 50 days arrests hundreds of Saudis, interrogates them and strips them of wealth and titles.

MBS is now the only player in the House of Saud. MBS owes Trump personally on this. Kashoggi investigates it and starts to get close so MBS has him killed. This is another incident, but is eventually buried too.

Scooby 2 points ago

The Kashoggi angle sounds plausible due to the outrage by the deep state media. He was employed by the government of Qatar. I need an autistic, rabbit hoe thread about why Qatar keeps joining the chat. We've got the Imam of Peace trying to link Omar to Qatar. We've got Kashoggi and maybe a couple other references? Keeping up with all the stories is like trying to drink from a fire hose.

K-Harbour 2 points ago

Qatar also got most of the major universities to get in bed with them.

buco 1 point ago

"They escape in the chaos." Explains why the FBI will not release any video recordings.

Thiswillbeintheexam 1 point ago

I actually think they probably just threw on Saudi thawbs and walked right out as though they were MBS's entourage. Hotel security staff probably helped them to their vehicles.

It took hours for LVPD and the FBI to breach Paddock's room. By the time anyone would've realised what happened they were long gone on planes to Asia, then the ME (which were already in place for Plan A).

Gobberwarts -2 points ago

There's photos of him bringing them in.

Mad_Hattie 2 points ago

And the Hotel allowed this?

How does that make sense?

TRUMPTRAINTODC 13 points ago (edited)


Feelsgoodman 6 points ago

Yeah...I'm not buying it.

VeritasMaximus 9 points ago

Lets see the source for those claims?

TrumpTrainCommando 2 points ago

check his ex gf; the same woman who listed the FBI as a previous employer on job application.

Picador20 9 points ago

Too bad there aren't any security cameras in and around the major hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

jgardner 5 points ago

I'm of the mindset that mass shootings are generally planned by the Deep State.

Everytime another one happens, I blame the Deep State.

I figure with their resources, they can prevent them, but they don't, so they are responsible for them.

NotInFormation 1 point ago

In a past age, I’d dismiss this out of hand. Since it turns out 90%+ of these guys turn out to be known and monitored but never any action taken... they literally could have prevented them, using existing law, but didn’t.

Terstermernt 4 points ago

Anybody believing the "official" narrative on this is intentionally remaining ignorant. Same with the Boston Marathon Bombing. Same with Sandy Hook. Same with 9/11.

The Deep state uses these conspiracy theories against the public by spreading vague inaccuracies in order to obfuscate anything that comes close to the truth with a veil of what most uninterested and/or sceptical persons would calculate as reasonable doubt.

We never find the truth because we don't know what to believe which leads to frustration and then finally, defeat. We give up. They hide everything behind a wall of deniability and reasonable doubt to the point that when the truth finally does emerge there is nobody credible left to believe and spread it.

This is how they win.

deleted 4 points ago (edited)

Just like Epstein / again not Trump but these corrupt democrat agencies and agendas

monzzter221 3 points ago

None of the ballistics matched the weapons? I don't think the guy did it either but why do you have to make shit up OP?

deleted 3 points ago
Gobberwarts 4 points ago

Because that evidence doesn't exist..

deleted 2 points ago
habanero 2 points ago

Look, I'm all for a good conspiracy, but I think the OPs tinfoil hat is getting a bit too tight on this one. Having said that, I'd still like to see the motive found and published. Best I can tell dude just flew off the rails. That does happen sometimes, but there's usually a precursor to it.

magamayhem 1 point ago

No excuse for the CIA to hide this.

TheKekingKing 2 points ago

How about them helicopters tho.

BamaMAGA 1 point ago

wheres the thing in the back that goes up?

polish_snausage 1 point ago

Stay safe VA and stay out of the cage

Chazzrheinhold 1 point ago

If there is evidence that this is true can anyone corroborate?? This is not the first time I have heard this but as of yet I have been unable to verify. If true this would be a very important piece of this puzzle!

MsQleo 1 point ago

No but there is also no evidence saying it’s not true. It would be lovely if the alphabets to release the info and prove the tinfoils wrong. Or maybe the tinfoils are on to something eh?

AwakeAwareNow 1 point ago

IS that true!!! WOW! Where is that.. my friend will want to see that.

Commiewrecker17 -1 points ago (edited)

If you believe this guy was capable of that, I have an old dried up piece of dog shit I'd like to sell you. You'll love it.